Nicole Kidman told there are lots come say in huge Little Lies Season 3. Image Credit: facebook / huge Little Lies Country: United states share large Little Lies Season 2 reduce its finale on July 21, 2019. Because then fans room waiting to recognize whether there would be a Season 3. Large Little Lies Season 3 has not been evidenced yet however it is most likely to happen.

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Last time, it to be reported that big Little Lies season 2 director Andrea Arnold lost creative control the the season, and also HBO has issued an official statement the there won"t it is in Season 2. However, despite several difficulties, the second season launched in 2019.

So, will there be huge Little Lies season 3? over there are number of indications that the cast members desire to work together.

In an interview through Jam country last year, the series star Nicole Kidman to be asked about the condition of the 3rd season and also the actor common that that story is gift "concocted".

"There"s a story gift concocted. Liane Moriarty is functioning on a book. Our team of ladies all want to execute it. It"s an ext the kernel of principles that simply need to it is in solidified," the gibbs said.

Furthermore, according to the fashion beauty newspaper Marie Claire Australia, Nicole Kidman is confident that the collection makers David E. Kelley and Liane Moriarty would come up with fresh ideas for big Little Lies Season 3.

"Reese and I speak or text when a week. She"s simply moved ago to Nashville and also we"re yes, really close. We all simply want to work-related together again. Ns texted Zoe and Laura and they"re in. David and also Liane have actually a really an excellent idea because that it," claimed Nicole Kidman.

While chatting on huge Little Lies Season 3, the HBO programming president Casey Bloys told come TV heat "I love this group of civilization – i would perform anything v them. Yet the fact is, they are several of the busiest actresses functioning in Hollywood. Us have faces some of lock — Nicole is doing her next display with us. I simply think it"s not realistic."

David E Kelley said, "I"m not certain logistically just how it might be done due to the fact that everyone is for this reason busy. It couldn"t be done ideal away. Under the road? Maybe."

Speaking come TV Line, Nicole Kidman told there are lots to say in huge Little Lies Season 3. He said, "There are so many good stories come tell and I am open to all the various horizons. I think it would certainly take an huge amount of meeting from all of us. Us all love each other and also want to occupational together. We"re deeply intertwined now. There"s this huge pull from this desire to just be together."

He added, "Whether the a story that will certainly be fascinating and facility and important, that"s a different thing," she continues. "It would need to be a story that makes our jaws drop."

However, if large Little lies Season 3 happens, Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoë Kravitz will return as five women in Monterey, California. Both Season 1 and also Season of huge Little Lies encompass seven episodes each, therefore it islikely big Little Lies Season 3 would certainly follow the exact same pattern.

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Currently, there is no official renewal announcement and also release day for large Little Lies Season 3. Continue to be tuned come get much more updates ~ above the Hollywood series.