16 and also Pregnant is just one of the infamous MTV shows focusing on teen pregnancy, and also a number of spin-offs, like Teen Mom, resulted from that is success. Now, the looks like 16 and also Pregnant is comes back. So, when is the collection premiere in 2021? and how have the right to fans watch? Here’s whatever you must know.

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’16 and also Pregnant’ is among MTV’s reflects making a comeback

MTV mirrors sharing the reality of being a young mom have end up being quite popular with fans. And also prior come the success that Teen Mom, it to be 16 and also Pregnant making a splash. The show follows the story of teenage girls who are expecting, and also it goes through the decisions they make regarding if they arrangement on increasing the child, if a companion is in the picture, and what their plans relocating forward will be.

Now, a new season is here. The airs on march 16 in ~ 9 p.m. EST ~ above MTV, follow to MTV News. The present will reportedly follow Abygail, Kyla, Selena, Shelby, and also Taylor. Follow to the trailer, the “mom-umental” occasion will just last five weeks. And also it looks favor there’s major drama in store.

“My ex has actually a 6-month-old baby through a different girl,” one of the teens on the display shares in the trailer. This is adhered to by an altercation in between two teen boys, v one saying the other doesn’t care around his child. Another scene in the trailer shows among the moms-to-be informing someone she’s close v that she certain can’t handle having a baby. We’ll have to wait and also see what happens.

When did the show very first air?

Relationships are Tested in 16 and also Pregnant Season 6 Trailer: 'You space Babies having a Baby'​ https://t.co/hFiV8ZhU7z

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It’s tough to think 16 and Pregnant has actually been ~ above TV for as lengthy as that has. It’s among MTV’s mirrors that’s stood the check of time, together it started back in 2009. And also The list reports by the moment the show returned because that its 2nd season in 2010, the ratings skyrocketed, ensuring the show would be approximately for years to come.

Unfortunately, the present was steeped in controversy. Countless wondered if it glorified teen pregnancy by do it right into a fact series. However some studies discovered it in reality did the opposite. By happen the story of pregnant teen girls come life, it listed an educational opportunity for viewers, i m sorry may have actually been valuable in preventing pregnancy in some cases.

While 16 and Pregnant is still on TV today, few of the young girls and families of the teenagers think the present does much more harm 보다 good, too. Valerie Fairman showed up on the display in 2010, and she passed away via overdose in 2015 in ~ the period of 23. Her mommy said the call the show carried her daughter to be the reason of the drug use.

“She thought she could pretty much do every little thing she favored after the show,” she told daily Mail. “She was determined to get every little thing she wanted.”

Does ’16 and also Pregnant’ pay?


Farrah Abraham from MTV’s ’16 and Pregnant’ acquisition a photo with bartenders | WireImage/FSA

The actors on MTV shows typically gets a paycheck — so, what about 16 and also Pregnant? that looks favor they do obtain paid, but the lot is unclear, and it might vary from human being to person. Amber Portwood, a star of Teen Mom, claimed she to be paid $5,000 to appear on 16 and Pregnant, though she finished up making much much more later on.

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Other stars who starred top top Teen Mom made a lot much more cash 보다 their 16 and Pregnant co-stars. Jenelle Evans reportedly made a $400,000 value in 2018 native Teen mom 2. As well as Jenelle, Briana DeJesus, an additional one the the ladies on Teen mom 2, reportedly just made $20,000 because that her an initial season the the show.

No matter what everyone gets paid, we’re certainly excited to check out what the new season the 16 and also Pregnant has in store!