Wendy Davis, Brooke Shields, Elle McLemore, Torrey DeVitto, ALyssa Diaz, Ashanti, Kelli Williams and Catherine Bell star in the hit lifetime series, military WivesLifetime
Life as a army family means there’s not constantly time to say goodbye.

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So maybe it’s fitting the “Army Wives,” Lifetime’s longest-running series, to be cancelled last September ~ its seventh season finished in June — leaving number of storylines about the team of military spouses unresolved.

In the two-hour retreat “Army Wives: A final Salute” — airing Sunday in ~ 9 p.m. On life time — pan will lastly get to watch the actors say taking leave in a unique the network placed together together a gesture to the well-known drama’s legacy.

“I think the a classy sendoff come a present that displayed why it had actually such appeal,” “Army Wives” executive producer Jeff Melvoin tells The Post. “Everybody top top our next of the camera was yes, really invested in it and also really thought in it. Us were the just long-running present to handle the longest-running battle in ours history.

“We no last quite as lengthy as the war had, however we come pretty close.”

The distinct retraces the significant plot points of “Army Wives” — the births and deaths, the marriages and infidelity — with understanding on the characters from original cast members Kim Delaney (Claudia joy Holden), Sally Pressman (Roxy LeBlanc), Brigid Brannagh (Pamela Moran), Wendy Davis (Col. Joan Burton), Sterling K. Brown (Roland Burton), Brian McNamara (Lt. Gen. Michael Holden), terry Serpico (Col. Frank Sherwood), attracted Fuller (2nd Lt. Trevor LeBlanc) and also Jeremy Davidson (MSG chase Moran).

Melvoin, who likewise participated in the retrospective (taped critical December), said it was a nice feeling for the actors to reunite, and hopes it brings some closure come the show’s fans who may have actually felt jilted by the abrupt ending. “I felt that it to be not completely the satisfying finishing for the audience. Ns felt favor we ran out of road a bit on a couple of an essential stories,” Melvoin states of the seventh-season finale. “Had we known halfway v the season that us weren’t walk to proceed we can have been able come craft story that had an ext of a sense of completeness.”

Sunday’s special likewise features interviews with writer Tanya Biank, that wrote the publication on i m sorry the series was based, and commentary indigenous real military wives on exactly how true it to be to their own experiences. “It to be really helpful to human being in the armed forces to recognize with, it helped them v their very own problems,” Melvoin the says.

“It gave them part hope, the method the women were there for each other.”

And despite it’s been nine months because “Army Wives” critical aired, Melvoin claims he still senses sadness amongst the show’s faithful audience. “I think our fans feel prefer I do and a the majority of our cast do,” he says. “They’re sorry that it’s gone.”

Big guest stars who served

‘Army Wives” booked a variety of bold-faced guest stars end its seven-season run. This is a look at at five of the most memorable surname to avoid by ft Marshall:

Ann-Margret: The former sex kitten/USO entertainment artist guest-starred as Gen. Michael Holden’s (Brian McNamara)Aunt Edie, who comes to the base because that an unannounced visit in the Season 4 Mother’s work episode.Jill Biden: The angry President’s mam played it s her in a Season four episode, protecting against by fort Marshall to kick off a funny Run charity event.Susan Lucci: The soap queen reunited with her “All mine Children” co-star Kim Delaney for a recurring guest function in Season 6 playing Audrey Whitaker, the wife of a retired Brigadier General and old girlfriend of Claudia joy (Delaney).J.R. Martinez: The Iraq veteran and also “Dancing with the Stars” champion verified up ~ above the Season six finale as a physical therapist dealing with wounded veterans who assisted Gen. Clarke (Robert man Burke) take it his very first steps since his injury.

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Brooke Shields: The actress joined the cast as a recurring guest star in Season 7 as Col. Katherine “Kat” Young, a C-17 pilot at odds with Gen. Holden.