UPDATED: "While it’s with much regret, and also a bump in ours throats, we respect the decision Hugh, David and also Katie have actually made," Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly says.

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After eight seasons and 177 episodes, Fox and the producer of residence have determined that the current season of the clinical drama will be that last.

The series, i beg your pardon stars Hugh Laurie as an unconventional medical professional who typically clashes with his colleagues and also patients at a brand-new Jersey hospital, has actually been a beneficial property because that the network. In enhancement to serving as a launchpad for other Fox efforts, the series rounded out its saturday season with more than 10 million viewers. In its many recent airing, House garnered a 2.5 rating in the desire adults periods 18 to 49 demographic and also 7.1 million viewers overall. (House ranked as among primetime’s height 10 series in its second, third and 4th seasons.)

The series was choose up because that its existing eighth season after protracted negotiations between House studio global Media Studios and also Fox, which to be looking to cut as much as 20 percent from its patent fee. Fox make the formal notice Wednesday, issuing a joint statement from executive, management producers David Shore, Katie Jacobs and also Laurie.

“After lot deliberation, the producer of House M.D. have made decision that this season the the show, the eighth, have to be the last. By April this year castle will have actually completed 177 episodes, i m sorry is around 175 more than everyone expected earlier in 2004,” they wrote.

They added: “The decision to finish the present now, or ever, is a ache one, together it threats putting asunder thousands of close friendships the have occurred over the last eight year — but likewise because the show itself has been a resource of an excellent pride to anyone involved.”

The news comes as Fox has actually an raised roster of hourlong dramas, consisting of J.J. AbramsAlcatraz and also Kiefer SutherlandTim Kring‘s Touch, both of which opened to exceptional numbers and also are taken into consideration likely to it is in the net’s Monday lineup in the future.

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The network likewise has yet to do a decision ~ above the fate that its pricey time-travel dinosaur drama Terra Nova or oflow-rated an essential darling Fringe. In addition, Fox has five hourlong drama projects already ordered come pilot this season.

“While it’s with much regret, and also a lump in our throats, we respect the decision Hugh, David and also Katie have actually made,” Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly said in a statement. “A true original, ~ above the page and amazingly lugged to life by Hugh Laurie, over there is just one Dr. House.For eight seasons, the whole House team has provided us — and fans around the civilization — few of the most compelling characters and also affecting stories ever before seen on television.”