So much happened in Grey"s Anatomy season 17. Except the COVID-19 storyline, fans to be shocked virtually every week with surprising character returns, jaw-dropping personality exits and also nail-biting cliffhangers.

Given every one of the major character comebacks — Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), George O"Malley (T.R. Knight), note Sloan (Eric Dane), Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) and April Kepner (Sarah Drew) — and also the heartbreaking farewells — Tom Koracick (Greg Germann), Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and also Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) — fans couldn"t assist but wonder if display writers to be throwing in twists and turns come wrap up the series forever.

The answer? No, they weren"t. In May, meeting announced the pickup that Grey"s Anatomy for one more season, and original actors members Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. Room all intended to return. Here"s every little thing we know around Grey"s Anatomy season 18 so far, consisting of all the info on the premiere date, cast and more.

When is Grey"s Anatomy returning for season 18?

Season 18 of Grey"s Anatomy will premiere top top ABC beginning Thursday, September 30 at 9 p.m. ET. Station 19 will have its season 5 premiere one hour before on alphabet the exact same night.

New Grey"s Anatomy episodes will most likely air transparent the fall with a season 18 finale in April or may of 2022.

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Is there a Grey"s Anatomy spinoff comes out around season 18?

Grey"s fandom rejoiced when Deadline ran a story in late might quoting alphabet Signature president Jonnie Davis showing up to imply that a brand-new spinoff had actually been discussed.

"Krista Vernoff> and the team space really digging deep and also finding the end what that looks like. They space noodling ideas, and I can’t wait to, when we land on what the is to introduce the following phase the Grey’s Anatomy," he said. "We will uncover the following version that will certainly take it to the next 18 years. We’re working on for appropriate now, and there’s no much better brains to number it out than Krista and also Shonda Rhimes>."

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That said, Jonnie later issued a statement to Deadline clarifying his remarks:

"There space no conversations around a spinoff of Grey’s Anatomy in ~ this time. We space 100% focused on developing season 18, v the tremendous Krista Vernoff in ~ the helm, and also the impressive Ellen Pompeo top our ensemble and co-executive producing. As the leader of abc Signature, ns meant just to convey my support and also optimism for Shonda’s brilliant creation."

In various other words, it"s one big question note at the moment, but it doesn"t sound like any type of concrete plans have actually been made simply yet.

Will the entire cast return for season 18?

For sure we know that Ellen Pompeo, Chandra Wilson and James Pickens Jr. Will come back. What"s more, several other actors members have actually signed on because that contracts lasting with a potential season 19, as reported by Deadline last July. The list consists of Kevin McKidd (who plays Owen hunt on the show), Camilla Luddington (Jo Wilson) and also Kim Raver (Teddy Altman).