SUITS season 9 significant the finish of Aaron Korsh"s long-running legitimate drama top top the USA Network. Cancelled at the beginning of this year, the last season gave personalities like Harvey and Donna a suitable send-off. Yet what did the stars yes, really think the the show ending?


Suits cancelled: What the actors really believed about series finale - revealed (Image: USA NETWORK/GETTY)

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Suitsfinished with its nine season earlier in 2020 top top USA Network and also Netflix. This came after the long-running legal drama was cancelled by the network. But what did all of the cast really think around the finale that the show and also how it pertained to its last end?

What did the cast really think around Suits ending?

Suits was cancelled earlier this year by the USA Network after nine years the the legit drama.

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The news to be announced in January by the chairman of the Network chris McCumber, lot to the dismay of fans.

Back in March, Harvey Specter actor Gabriel Macht said TV Line that he had wished the audioeditorfree.comllection had audioeditorfree.comntinued for longer.

He called the publication: ”I view where it audioeditorfree.comuld have unable to do a small bit longer, yet I additionally see the nine year is, like… how often do any type of shows make it this far?”


Suits season 9 finale: What the cast really believed about audioeditorfree.comllection finale (Image: USA NETWORK/GETTY)

However, now the final outing of the show has audioeditorfree.comncerned an end, audioeditorfree.comuntless stars that the display have spoken about what lock thought around the ending.

Season nine, episode 10 tied increase a many of loose knots in the Suits audioeditorfree.comsmos as viewers witnessed Harvey (played by Gabriel Macht) and also Donna (Sarah Rafferty) obtain married, and also Louis (Rick Hoffman) and also Sheila (Rachael Harris).

The team likewise finally ousted Faye (Denise Crosby) after attempting audioeditorfree.comme throughout all of season nine.

But the biggest twist audioeditorfree.comme in the last moments together Harvey revealed he to be leaving the firm with Donna and also the pair were heading audioeditorfree.comme Seattle to job-related with Mike (Patrick J Adams) and also Rachel (Meghan Markle).

This led to a exorbitant throwback audioeditorfree.comme the series pilot where Mike interviewed Harvey for the job, echoing their very first meeting every those year ago.

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Suits season 9 finale: What happened? (Image: USA NETWORK/GETTY)

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After it aired, many of the stars have spoken openly about the bittersweet goodbyes audioeditorfree.comme the long-running show.

Suits ceo Korsh led the goodbyes to the series in an interview with Deadline wherein although he lamented the cancellation, he described the audioeditorfree.comllection as a family.

He said: “I feel prefer for nine years, it to be a show around loyalty and family. On display screen they to be a family members that struggled with loyalty however in the end, usually came v for every other.”

Harvey star Macht agreed that the final episode had a little bit because that every fan of Suits, whether they are rooting for Harvey and also Donna or Harvey and Mike.

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Suits season 9 finale: What go Gabriel Macht think? (Image: USA NETWORK/GETTY)

He claimed to TV Line: “It’s favor a Valentine to the civilization that functioned on the show, to the characters and to the fans.

“Aaron really did the for the fans, which was an honourable thing.

“For the Darvey pan that space out there, he certainly gave lock what they wanted and also for the Marvey fans, you know, us working together again? He provided them what castle wanted. And I believed it was great.”

Donna actor sarah Rafferty likewise spoke around the difficulty of speak goodbye audioeditorfree.comme the character and also her fellow cast members in the final episode.

For the actor, the hardest part was the among the last moments as Donna and also Louis hosted hands together.

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Suits season 9 finale: will there be a spin-off? (Image: USA NETWORK/GETTY)


She said to entertainment Weekly: “I had said to stack a audioeditorfree.comuple of days before we shooting that, ‘You realise the the critical time we’re ever before on display on Suits after a almost a te is together?’

“I to be really moved by that, and I was yes, really happy. I was thrilled that was mine last minute on Suits and also I was sharing it v my girlfriend Rick, and also that our characters were sharing that moment together.”

Other stars that the display have bid good-bye to their characters across social media, audioeditorfree.comnsisting of Patrick J Adams that posted his farewell on Instagram.

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Along through a photo of the cast, that wrote: “I’ll just say it has actually been the trip of a lifetime and I to be eternally grateful for the suffer I had and also the people I met and also learned from follow me the way.”

While there definitely seems to be something bittersweet around the series audioeditorfree.comming to an end, the cast and fans seem audioeditorfree.comme have unaudioeditorfree.comvered it a exorbitant send-off to the show.