Nurse Jackie Season 8 Updates: will The present Return? The display ended on one ambiguous keep in mind so what"s the prognosis for Nurse Jackie season 8? The Showtime collection came to an end in 2015.

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Nurse Jackie concerned a close in 2015 but is there still hope because that an eighth season? Nurse Jackie is a darkly comic drama native Showtime the debuted in 2009 and also followed the titular character, a drug-addicted emergency department nurse in brand-new York. The display followed Jackie trying come balance she hectic job-related life with her miscellaneous addictions, and Nurse Jackie was a great star car for Edie Falco.

The series was Falco"s follow-up come The Sopranos, which ended in 2007, and also it likewise boasted a great supporting cast, consisting of Eve Best, Merritt Wever and also Peter Facinelli (Twilight). The show followed the intense ups and downs the Jackie"s life, consisting of a insignificant in rehab, and also the last season encountered the closure of all Saints" Hospital and also Jackie"s make the efforts to put her life back together.

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Season 7 the the display finished its operation in 2015 and also its emotionally finale received good reviews, though some viewers were blended on it. The still has a fanbase for this reason is over there hope because that Nurse Jackie season 8?

Nurse Jackie ended On An faint Note

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The final scene the Nurse Jackie season 7 look at Jackie give into she addictions and also snort numerous lines the street class heroin. She then has actually a hallucination that walking the end of the hospital - which is having a party celebrating its last day - and also doing yoga in times Square. The present then cuts to her broke down in the hospital overdosing, and the various other doctors and also nurses rushing to save her. Whether she stays or die is left approximately viewers to decide, despite showrunner Clyde Phillips (Feed The Beast) stated in interviews he thought she survived.

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Nurse Jackie season 7 practically ended v Jackie"s world literally burning down approximately her. This alternating finale experienced the hospital burn under in an accident, v Jackie racing to rescue a patient handcuffed to a bed. She fails to conserve them and escapes through a basement window, yet instead that heading ago to allow the others recognize she"s safe, she decides to run away and let anyone think she died.

Nurse Jackie Season 8 Is Unlikely

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While her fate may have actually been left ambiguous, Nurse Jackie season 8 is unlikely. The last season to be crafted together an ending and even if Jackie lived, Clyde Phillips has proclaimed her clinical career would have actually been over complying with the overdose. The hospital is additionally gone therefore it"s difficult to check out where Nurse Jackie season 8 can go that would certainly be satisfying.

While Jackie"s ending may have been frustrating because that some, that felt appropriate - if catastrophic - considering her self-destructive behavior. Nurse Jackie season 8 isn"t necessarily out of the question, but it"s tough to check out Edie Falco - who has due to the fact that moved on come the Avatar sequels - or showrunners wanting to proceed her story beyond the finale.

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