A decade after Dexter Morgan cruised off right into the sunset storm, he’s ago and ready for some brand-new blood. Showtime officially greenlit a “Dexter” revival in October 2020, with the premiere date now collection for November 7, 2021. Michael C. Hall is back, that course, as the adorably geeky only Harbor Butcher, aka the Miami, FL blood splatter analyst/serial killer who concentrates his bloodlust on murdering other serial killers. Initial showrunner Clyde Phillips is also back as an executive producer of the new episodes. Here’s everything to know around “Dexter: new Blood” Season 9 therefore far, consisting of the cast and trailer.

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SEE‘Dexter’ will go back to Showtime: does this mean Michael C. Hall can finally success his Emmy for play the serial killer?

How did “Dexter” end?For those who gave up ~ above Showtime’s drama collection in the later on seasons, you’ve come to the best place. The series finale of “Dexter” aired on September 22, 2013, with fans infamously unhappy v the controversial ending. Not lengthy after his sister Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter) discovered out the was yes, really the just Harbor Butcher, she was shot and also killed through psychopath Oliver Saxon (Darri Ingolfsson). Dexter blamed himself for the tragedy and stole Deb’s body out of the hospital, then dumped her right into the s as he did every one of his victims. He made a final call to his true love Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski), also a serial killer, and his young boy Harrison (Jadon Wells), who were both escaping come Argentina to start a brand-new life v him. However, Dexter realized everyone close to him ended up doomed, for this reason he drove his watercraft into a hurricane. His friends and co-workers at the Miami subway Police Department believed he perished in the storm, yet the character was spotted some time later living a life that solitude as a lumberjack in Oregon.

When go “Dexter: brand-new Blood” take place?The upcoming 9th season is set approximately 10 year after the events of the finale. Dexter has actually said great riddance to Oregon (which should make pan happy) and is now living under the fake identification of Jim Lindsay, a neighborhood shopkeeper, in iron Lake, new York.

Who are the returning cast members?Sadly, over there won’t it is in too numerous recognizable encounters in the revival series. Only Hall (as Dexter), Carpenter (as Deb — above) and also John Lithgow (as Arthur Mitchell/Trinity Killer) have actually been announced together returning in ~ this time. Since Carpenter and Lithgow’s personalities both died on the main display (Trinity died in the Season 4 finale in ~ the hands of Dexter), it’s most likely they will only be showing up in flashbacks and/or visions.

What about the new cast members?“New Blood” will certainly welcome plenty of fresh faces to the “Dexter” universe, including Clancy Brown as unofficial city mayor kurt Caldwell, Julia Jones together Chief that Police Angela Bishop (above), Alano Miller together Logan, Johnny Sequoyah together Audrey, Jack Alcott as Harrison Morgan/Randall Lindsay, David Magidoff as Teddy, Jamie Chung together Molly and also Oscar Wahlberg together Zach. The note, Angela is Dexter’s brand-new love attention in the tiny town of steel Lake — sorry, Hannah!

Where was it filmed?While the initial eight seasons of the present filmed in the clear locale of long Beach, California (subbing in because that Miami, Florida), the brand-new episodes will have actually a notably chillier vibe together they filmed in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts (subbing in for Iron Lake, new York). Clock the main trailer:

How plenty of episodes are there?“Dexter: new Blood” will consist of 10 episodes, under slightly indigenous the 12 episodes because that each of the very first eight seasons. It will certainly air ~ above Sunday nights beginning November 7, 2021. Marcos Siega has actually been announced together the manager of the first six episodes. Costume designer Cat Thomas freshly chatted v Gold Derby about what viewers have the right to expect native this “really exceptional season.”

“Dexter” Emmy historyThe original collection is a 24-time Emmy nominee and four-time winner. It dominated for directing (Steve Shill), guest gibbs (Lithgow), main title style and snapshot editing. Hall received five consecutive Emmy nominations in ideal Drama gibbs (2008-12), if the show itself earned four bids for ideal Drama collection (2008-11).

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