Family have the right to be simply as scary as any movie monster. Such a global truism helps describe why the main concept that "The Munsters," a 1960s TV routine chronicling the exploits that a family whose separation, personal, instance members largely looked choose movie monsters, resonated so deeply with basic audiences. This story was enough to sustain not only an original TV show however an ongoing media franchise that"s incorporated everything from merchandise to movies to also further TV shows adhering to up ~ above the exploits that the Munsters family, decades after the original present ended. It can be outright frightening to think about just how enduringly famous "The Munsters" is as a pop culture property.

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But despite "The Munsters" continues to it is in beloved by the basic public, there remains an untold fact of this franchise, which consists of everything native behind-the-scenes facts around the original collection to various abandoned attempts come revive the home for the 21st century. Even if friend feel like you understand "The Munsters" well sufficient that Eddie Munster feels favor your very own sibling, the untold fact of "The Munsters" will certainly still administer you through plenty of unexpected delights. 

Universal Television
Like plenty of TV mirrors of the 1960s, "The Munsters" aired in black and also white. However, as listed by outlets like execute You Remember, the show"s initial unaired pilot was shot in color, i m sorry would have made the distinct vibrant hues of the various family members much more apparent. However, a decision to be made in between the filming of the pilot and the ultimate premiere of the collection that resulted in the rest of "The Munsters" being filmed in a monochromatic hue. This turned right into a memorable intuitive facet that the show, yet it"s still one wrapped in mystery.

No definitive factor has ever been provided for why "The Munsters" was no filmed in color after the pilot. Amongst the speculated factors are that it to be done to conserve money and also make that look much more like the standard Universal monster movies of the past. Whatever the reason, "The Munsters" gift broadcast as a black and white show absolutely proved to be a memorable part of the production, even if the left part visual facets of the program, choose the makeup effects, harder to appreciate.

Universal Television
The iconic house of "The Munsters" at 1313 Mockingbird roadway was not simply filmed anywhere. Keeping with the universal Monsters theme, exterior shots to be filmed on phase 12 of the universal Hollywood backlot, while step 30 and also 32 were provided for inner shots. According to The Studio Tour, the job utilized a house that had originally been constructed for the 1946 movie "So Goes mine Love." that was likewise used because that a grasp of other TV shows, consisting of "Wagon Train" and "Leave It come Beaver," prior to getting that is most well known use together the domicile of "The Munsters."

This iconic home was as soon as again to work for function films like "Munsters go Home!" and also "The Munsters" Revenge." However, the original house used because that "The Munsters" couldn"t critical forever. It was eventually overhauled and used as a main home for the TV show "Desperate Housewives." 21st century bring away on the characters, such as the TV pilot "Mockingbird Lane" and the plunder Zombie "Munsters" movie, have actually taken come filming in drastically different locales than this backlot. However, the previous of "The Munsters" will constantly be rooted in this location.

MGM Television
Among many similarities in between the two properties, "The Munsters" and "The Addams Family" have actually their roots in pop society dating ago years earlier. "The Munsters" was inspired by standard Universal monster of the 1930s and 1940s, if "The Addams Family" was initially a collection of new Yorker cartoons indigenous Charles Addams. However, the most famous iterations that both properties to be 1960s prime time TV mirrors that go head-to-head, offering birth come a "rivalry" in between the 2 "spooky family" programs.

"The Addams Family" technically do it come air first, with its initial episode airing simply six days before the the inaugural installment of "The Munsters." though it to be the runner-up in acquiring on the airwaves, "Munsters" would technically last a smidge longer, having actually aired 70 episodes matches the 64 episodes of "The Addams Family." In the end, "The Addams Family" would finish up having a bigger pop society presence 보다 "The Munsters," many thanks to a series of successful theatrical movies and also a Broadway musical. Yet even today, comparisons abound between these 2 TV reflects that dared come imagine what a an ext unusual form of the American nuclear household would watch like.

Universal Television
Given just just how ubiquitous the characters of "The Munsters" proceed to it is in in pop culture, it deserve to be puzzling to contemplate the the present was canceled in may 1966 after simply two seasons. 

"I think "Batman" was to blame," cast member Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) told Fox News. ""Batman" just came along and also took ours ratings away." The power of Adam West"s Batman may have lugged "The Munsters" come a close, but there wasn"t any resentment over saying goodbye to this characters. "Look, we had a an excellent two-year run placing out something that was therefore different and also unlikely to become a success," Patrick explained. "So we felt it was the appropriate time to go. Fred and also Al were additionally ready to walk home. We were OK with it." 

Meanwhile, KXRB writer Randy McDaniel detailed that an additional reason because that "The Munsters" gaining yanked turn off the air to be that shows broadcast in color were becoming much more and an ext popular through the mid-1960s. A black and white TV show like "The Munsters" just couldn"t compete. While this put an end to the very very first incarnation of the characters, "The Munsters" as a franchise would continue to live on for decades to come.

Universal Television
In the modern-day pop society landscape, streaming is the crucial to the longevity that a TV show. A program like "The Office" or "Manifest" deserve to take ~ above a whole brand-new life many thanks to how many world watch that on Peacock or Netflix, respectively. However not so lengthy ago, it was the practice of syndication that established how long a TV display would walk on as soon as it quit producing brand-new episodes. Reruns top top various networks were an important to numerous TV shows, consisting of "The Munsters."

Deadline recently noted that "The Munsters" was not a monster smash in the ratings once it an initial aired ~ above television. However, the outlet observed that it to be on syndication whereby "The Munsters" acquired a 2nd wind the ensured it would certainly stick around in the pop culture consciousness. Reruns of old episodes proved so famous that they influenced a collection of TV specials, a resurgence of "The Munsters" in the 1980s, and also several attempts in ~ translating "The Munsters" right into a theatrical movie. All these advancements serve as evidence of the strength syndication used to have over determining a TV show"s irreversible fate v viewers.

Just due to the fact that "The Munsters" went turn off the waiting after two seasons didn"t median the characters would be staying away for long. Like other renowned TV mirrors of the 1960s such together "The Flintstones," "The Munsters" eventually made their method to the big screen in "Munster, go Home!" though it did gain a theatrical release, its impact on package office was so minimal that there is no recorded box office receipts for the project. However, this movie did develop the Munsters as qualified of headlining feature-length projects, even if, as stated by Matt Brunson of movie Frenzy, "Munster, walk Home!" regularly played "like prolonged episode that the series, even with unintended pauses whereby the studio audience laughter usually filled the air."

The feature-length exploits that this TV family would not finish with "Munster, go Home!" The original cast would return for one more longform adventure in "The Munsters" Revenge" in 1976. In a leave from its predecessor, this one went right to television fairly than debuting in theaters. In the years that followed, new iterations the "The Munsters" would go back to feature-length storytelling through TV movies favor "Here come the Munsters." though none that them, even the original "Munster, go Home!," garnered as lot pop culture notoriety together the initial "Munsters" show, these movies did make a situation for "The Munsters" no being speed in the pan pop-culture sensations.

After two decades off the air, the Munsters returned to delivering brand-new episodes of tv in 1988 through "The Munsters Today." adhering to the personalities after they arise from two decades of inadvertently cryogenic sleep, the program followed the acquainted members the the Munsters clan together they adjusted to a brand-new decade.

"When you"re taking care of the Munsters, the only distinct thing is themselves,” executive, management producer Arthur Annecherico told the Chicago Tribune about "The Munsters Today" and also how its tone would certainly compare to the original show. ”They"ll confront different problems, and it will certainly be a little more modern, yet we treat castle like any kind of other sitcom family members on the air. It"s mom and dad and also a couple of children with every the troubles they have roughly the house. So what if you"re looking at Frankenstein and Dracula?” Though no as big a hit together the initial show, "The Munsters Today" still regulated to operation for a respectable 73-episode run over three seasons, more demonstrating the longevity of these eerie characters.

In the beforehand 2000s, every old TV display with a recognizable brand name was getting a attribute film adaptation. Everything from "Charlie"s Angels" come "The Honeymooners" to "Bewitched" was being analyzed to the silver screen. It"s no surprise, then, the "The Munsters" were also, in ~ one point, set to sign up with in on this trend. The home was planned to be adapted into a big-screen comedy handled by the Wayans Brothers, that were hot off hits prefer the original "Scary Movie" and also "White Chicks."

First announced in the summer of 2004 , the task was tinkered through for years, despite Shawn Wayans readily available a significant update ~ above he task in November 2008. In enhancement to announcing that this brand-new "Munsters" movie was preparing to finally begin filming, that also provided that he and also Marlon Wayans would certainly not show up in the films. "If we do anything, perhaps we"ll do a cameo, however we"re no gonna make The Munsters black every one of a sudden," Wayans noted. " gonna be green, white people just like they were in the TV show. Their characters are still that they were in the "50s. It"s simply in modern-day day." despite these notable developments, this "Munsters" movie faded out, perhaps since the trend of big-budget movie adaptations of standard TV reflects had additionally died off by the finish of the decade.

If you"re walk to carry out a brand-new take ~ above "The Munsters," girlfriend can"t just do a rehash that the old TV show. You have to make something as distinct and unique in the modern-day pop society landscape as the initial "Munsters" was when it very first took come the airwaves. In prepping his reboot that the "Munsters," title "Mockingbird Lane," Bryan Fuller, the man behind TV shows choose "Pushing Daisies" and also "Hannibal," was well mindful of this fact and also carried several details ideas on exactly how to revamp "The Munsters" because that 21st century viewers.

"The Munsters actually carry out what monster do: they eat people and also they have to live with the effects of gift monstrous," Fuller stated to The Hollywood Reporter about his creative vision. "It"s choose grounding the in a reality because the half-hour was a sitcom, we observed the monsters: they were monsters ~ above the outside and weren"t monster on the inside. For us, they"re monsters outside and also inside, and also we get to dual our story. So any kind of story you deserve to tell ~ above "Parenthood" and also "True Blood," we have the right to tell." That type of bold tone isn"t quite what one would suppose from a standard "Munsters" episode, yet it"s just the kind of mixture one would want from a contemporary update that the property.

The entertainment industry"s love for acquainted brands and also reboots made the seem favor "Mockingbird Lane" and also its modern-day take on the Munsters would be a shoo-in to acquire picked up because that a series, especially due to the fact that it to be being taken on by acclaimed creator Bryan Fuller. However, the show failed come go beyond a pilot, which aired as a TV movie on Halloween 2012. In spite of all the positive elements that were functioning in the show"s favor, though, the turned out there were issues with the pilot that organized it back.

"We just decided that that didn"t host together well sufficient to yield a series," previous NBC head Bob Greenblatt told Deadline. "It looked beautiful and also original and also creative, yet it just all ultimately didn"t come together ... It just didn"t eventually creatively all work. We felt good about the cast. However we do the efforts to do it not simply a sitcom. Us tried to make it an hour, which ultimately has more dramatic weight 보다 a half-hour. It"s hard to calibrate exactly how much weirdness vs. Superordinary vs. Family members story. I simply think we didn"t obtain the mix right." also in an market that loves come milk acquainted brands for all they"re worth, those problems were just too troublesome to do "Mockingbird Lane" an ongoing series.

In his time as a actors member the "Saturday Night Live" and the hold of "The so late Show" top top NBC, Seth Meyers has proven to be a valuable member the the NBC universal media team. It shouldn"t it is in a surprise, then, that at one allude Meyers to be angling to give an overhaul to among the company"s most an important nostalgic properties v NBC a revamp of "The Munsters."

Deadline reported in 2017 the Meyers was teaming up with Jill Kargman come spearhead this half-hour comedy project, which would certainly reimagine the titular family as denizens that hipster Brooklyn. In spite of having both Meyers and a concrete vision for just how to make this incarnation various from previous iterations that the property, no additional updates arised for this variation of "The Munsters." The lack of any type of other advancements made it impossible to understand for certain why NBC abandoned the project, although after "Mockingbird Lane" failed to launch, it appeared as if executives were being cautious with the brand. This attempt at reviving "The Munsters" didn"t simply disappoint fans of the franchise, it also noted the rare instance of a Seth Meyers production going i do not have anything in his longstanding creative relationship through NBC/Universal.

Rob Zombie"s directorial efforts have largely been grim fear movies complete of gore and raw violence. "House of 1000 Corpses" or his two "Halloween" movies spared viewers no details in depicting graphic, horrifying brutality. He"s not specifically the go-to man one would think of to handle a brand-new version of the decidedly family-friendly "Munsters" property. However that"s simply what happened when global tasked Zombie with directing a brand-new feature movie starring this spooky characters.

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Rather than being simply a gig-for-hire task for Zombie, this was a passion project based on his longstanding love for the characters. "Attention Boils and also Ghouls! The rumors space true!" Zombie composed on Instagram announcing the movie. "My next film task will be the one I"ve to be chasing for 20 years! THE MUNSTERS!" The point out of that harboring a love because that "The Munsters" was no PR hyperbole. As pointed out by Bleeding Cool, Zombie has often utilized imagery from the original "Munsters" TV show in his concerts and also videos, owns a number of original props native the series, and even noted an audio commentary for a home video clip release the "Munster, go Home!" v all these connections to the franchise, Zombie unexpectedly seems like a much an ext understandable choose to helm a "Munsters" movie.