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Image: The CW
It’s been nearly 20 years since Smallville premiered on The WB, and nearly 10 because it ended its 10-season, 217-episode operation on The CW. Since then, live-action comic book adaptations have taken on a whole new life of your own, ~ above both the little and huge screens. However Smallville’s affect as the first of its type — following a young Clark Kent (Tom Welling) top top his path to becoming Superman and Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) on his path to becoming Superman’s greatest adversary — hasn’t been forgotten.

This year’s brand-new York Comic-Con panel, moderated through Star Trek: Voyager’s Garrett Wang, carried together a few cast members for a online reunion panel, celebrate Smallville’s “20 years of Fandom, Friendship, & Flying.” involvement Welling and Rosenbaum to take a stroll under memory lane were Laura Vandervoort, who played Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl) in Smallville’s seventh season, and also Sam Witwer, that played Davis Bloome in its eighth.

Early in the panel, as the actors shared their stories of wherein they were once they learned they booked Smallville, Rosenbaum told a story he’d never told before: After having a dreadful dream around his grandmother happen away, he referred to as her and told her around the role, too as about the fact that he to be on his way to one audition. Together Rosenbaum tells the story, his granny assured him, “You’re gonna get this one,” miscellaneous she’d never said to him before. A mainly later, his grandmother pass away, and after he left the funeral, he’d received a blog post from his agent that he’d booked Smallville. “So it was emotional,” described Rosenbaum, “but i remember she stated that, for this reason it was kinda bittersweet.”

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The ton of the online panel remained relatively light after that, though the reuniting cast members were able come talk about regrets they had about their characters and the worries they challenged on set with a bit much more levity 보다 they possibly would’ve in ~ the time. Rosenbaum’s experience was the most different, as he left the show after its saturday season, returning because that the series finale. Noting his ADD, Rosenbaum described that through the saturday season — “or even before that” — that was merely ready come “explode.” Citing the an obstacle of keeping 22 episodes of television consistent, Rosenbaum admitted he believed there were “glimpses the greatness” top top the show, however they were additionally peppered in through episodes the were simply okay, and also episodes you’d simply want to eliminate altogether.

Witwer noted, “I recognize that I’ve gone on record saying that i didn’t necessarily agree with exactly how it ended, v me.” ~ a season of chaos for Witwer’s Bloome end his evil, murderous half, he found himself lastly separated native Doomsday in the Season 8 finale, only to it is in revealed as simply as murderous, then untimely meeting his demise. “But ns don’t remember the storyline well enough to understand if I’d ago that up or if I’ve changed my mind end the years. I just know that i was upset and also I’m still upset that I eliminated my girlfriend Aaron Ashmore , due to the fact that Aaron’s together a good guy.”

For Vandervoort, while she do appearances after she time as a series regular in season 7, she wished Kara was in an ext of the collection finale. “She didn’t really have actually closure,” claimed Vandervoort. “She simply sort of flew off and also we never ever saw her again. That would’ve to be nice because that myself personally, and also I think for the character, to have goodbyes. I didn’t have any kind of proper goodbyes.” Garrett joked around Vandervoort also wanting “more clothing” for the character — as the absence of cover-up because that Smallville’s Supergirl was a clear sign of the times — come which Vandervoort wholeheartedly agreed. “Yes, i did asking them to burn the wardrobe once I was done through the show,” she joked. “I would’ve personally preferred to have actually done it, however that’s fine.”

Photo: The CW However, as repeated as it might have acquired for viewers that the display at the time, Welling revealed simply how good his traditional Clark Kent wardrobe was for him. ”I love it because, so frequently it was blue shirt, red coat or the reverse, and every when in a while, they’d throw in a plaid shirt. And also it made that very an easy for stunt guys, and made that for me. And it was simply like, ‘Cool. Us don’t have to worry around wardrobe.’ So, in that way, ns really favored it. it wasn’t skin tight, that wasn’t any version of a leotard, so that was likewise helpful.”

Rosenbaum also revealed Welling’s various other wardrobe secret. Due to the fact that the Smallville soundstages were so warm — as Witwer noted, they “were not expected to be sound stages” — because that scenes where Welling would be shooting close-up, the wear shorts and sandals. Welling defined that “most likely” if girlfriend didn’t view Clark from the belt down, then he had shorts and sandals on. Which, honestly, sounds like a fun brand-new game for the Smallville fandom to play: In which scenes is Welling wearing coast wear?

“That’s one of my very first memories that Tom,” included Vandervoort. “One that the very first scenes ns did with him in the loft. We obtained into his close-ups, and yeah, no pants. Simply Birkenstocks and also socks, and obviously shorts or whatever. It took the facade away from me a small bit.”