Petticoat Junction was among the most renowned TV collection of the 60s. The beloved show followed three teenage sisters and also their mother living and working in ~ the Shady rest Hotel too as every one of the eclectic neighbors surrounding them in their small town. The CBS sitcom had actually it every -- musical numbers, a stellar cast, cross-over episodes v two of their other well-known shows Green AcresandThe Beverly Hillbillies, and a rural setting that really resonated through audiences at the time. It had to have been so lot fun for fans to check out their favourite Petticoat Junction characters interacting through the hilarious Clampetts during the surprised cross-over episodes.

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Running native 1963 come 1970, the present was immensely popular, regardless of recasting lead roles several times throughout the show"s run. Some of the characters were even blatantly revolutionized as the series went on yet it seemed to not matter to viewers who maintained tuning in mainly after week. Sadly the death of Bea Benaderet, that played matriarch Kate Bradley top top the series, was a major loss. That, linked with the countryside purge keep going in tv at the time, led to the show ending for great after the saturday season. Yet the display still continues to be special come fans years later, fondly remembered because that its humor, music, and storytelling.

Here"s what occurred to the girl fromPetticoat Junctionfollowing your days certification on the display as the three Bradley sisters.

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Betty Jo Bradley

(Pat Woodell) Wikipedia/CBS TV / (Lori Saunders) YouTube

Pat Woodell was the first actress come portray Bobbie Jo. Initially, the brunette sisters was recognized as gift intelligent and book smart, yet after she to be recast, Bobbie Joe became a bit ditzy and was offered for comic relief. After showing up in mirrors likeThe Hollywood Palaceand The Munsters, Woodell retired from acting in the early on 70s and went ~ above to work-related for Werner Erhard, eventually founding her very own consulting firm.

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Lori Saunders (born Linda Marie Hines) took end Bobbie Jo in the third season and also stayed on the display until the seventh and also final season that the renowned television series. The Kansas City, Missouri native also appeared in the last season that The Beverly Hillbillies, Dusty"s Trail, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Burke"s Law, Daniel Boone, Blood Bath, for this reason Sad around Gloria, Captive,andFrasier, the Sensuous Lion.