The Brady Bunch: Susan Olsen top top Show’s End, Money, and also ‘Sibling’ Issues

by Cindy McLennan, July 10, 2016


Welcome to one more weekend flashback.

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flashback toThe Brady Bunch TV show,cancelled in 1974 through ABC, after five moderately successful seasons. It remained in syndicated reruns whereby the collection really caught fire. Still, Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady) says the cast has no receivedany residuals native the collection since roughly 1979. Uncover out why and also learn much more about sibling issues and also Olsen’s reaction to the finish of the well-known comedy series.

The Brady Bunch TV series cast includes: Florence Henderson as Carol Brady; Ann B. Davis together Alice Nelson; Robert Reed together Mike Brady; Barry Williams together Greg Brady; Maureen McCormick together Marcia Brady; eve Plumb as Jan Brady; Susan Olsen as Cindy Brady; Christopher Knight as Peter Brady; and also Mike Lookinland as Bobby Brady. Allan Melvin guest starred as Alice’s love interest, bowling butcher Sam Franklin. Robbie Rist (infamously) recurred together Cousin Oliver in the last six episodes. And of course The Monkees‘ Davy Jones famously guest starred but once, together himself.

Watch Susan Olsen top top Oprah:Where are They Now? from OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

The Brady Bunch: In the Beginning

Olsen states executive producer Sherwood Schwartz told her she to be the very first Brady boy cast. Up for two other roles in ~ the time, Olsen confided in she grandmother that The Brady Bunch to be her an initial choice,”Because there would certainly be 5 other children to beat with.”

The Brady Bunch: Sibling RelationsSweet and also Sour

What about all thosealleged hook-ups in between cast members? Olsen admits she and also Lookinland provided to smooch in Tiger’s doghouse, but debunks rumors the they “made out” saying, “No. We didn’t know how to do out. We would simply kiss each other and go, ‘I love you’, ‘I love you’ and also hug.”

Asfor other sibling relations, Olsen claims the only thing that comes close come true sibling rivalry to be mostly between the two actors viewerswould intend — McCormick and Plumb. Olsen claims it was the real-life version of “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia.” Olsen says, “It was typical girl stuff, yet we all love both of them. We simply don’t get to see the 2 of them together.”


The Brady Bunch: Compensation

Because the The Brady Bunch TV series’ success in syndication, civilization assume the present which make them famous has seen to it that they are equally rich. Nothing might be more from the truth, says Olsen. Lock weren’t tricked into a bad deal, she explains. That is simply that, prior to 1973, a conventional contract only consisted of residuals because that the an initial 10 operation of reruns. Due to the fact that the very first 10 operation of The Brady Bunch were over by more than likely 1979, the cast members have actually made no money off it, since then.

The Brady Bunch: The End

Olsen admits the after The Brady Bunch ended, she to be relieved. She claims she was awkward, didn’t want to go v puberty in former of the nation, and didn’t desire to work. She stayed out of the company until she was 18 with the wishes that she can return and not it is in typecast. Using a “chain-saw murderer” function as an example, Olsen tho couldn’t escape gift pigeonholed. In ~ auditions she would certainly hear,“Oh, you really surprised us, but we can’t have actually Cindy act that.” She finally made decision she did not favor acting well sufficient to put up v it.

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As a bonus, watch Davy Jones song “Girl,” and also Marcia (Marcia, Marcia) beg for a opportunity to speak to him, top top The Brady Bunch.

Well, how around the flip side?

What perform you think? do you still watch The Brady Bunch TV show reruns? do you think the six Brady youngsters will ever before reunite on the very same stage again?