It’s among the most iconic sitcoms in tv history, featuring actors favor John Stamos, Mary-Kate and also Ashley Olsen, and also even cameos from the Beach boys and small Richard. Here’s what us know around Full House and its Netflix spinoff.

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How numerous ‘Full House’ episodes space there?

They may not every be related, however this family members is full of love. This series included number of iconic episodes, including the two-part holidays to Walt Disney human being in Orlando, Florida. There were vacation specials and also Halloweens spent with the Tanner Family.

There room eight periods of the comedy Full House, and a total of 192 episodes released top top the television network it initially broadcasted on. The sitcom ended with the episode title “Michelle Rides Again component 2,” which debuted in 1995.

“It to be eight wonderful year of my life and also I think the same is true for anyone who worked on the show,” gibbs Candace Cameron Bure said throughout an interview v Your teen Mag. “In fact, this month marks the 25th anniversary of the pilot episode and the whole crew is gaining together for a barbecue come celebrate.”

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What happened during the ‘Full House’ finale?

The last episode that this collection was Season 8, episode 24, titled “Michelle Rides Again component 2.” In the an initial half of this episode, Michelle Tanner shared her love for horseback riding. It easily turned into a competition once Danny Tanner was taunted by a wealthier mom.

Instead that riding in the contest, Michelle and also her friend chose to walk on the trail. Once she do the efforts to perform a jump v her horse, she’s thrown off and also knocked unconscious. In the second part, the Tanners discover that Michelle is okay, yet she shed her memory.

Meanwhile, DJ Tanner to be trying to uncover a date for her senior prom. After coming up short, Kimmy surprises her v Steve, who newly returned indigenous college. Simply as DJ is leaving because that prom, Michelle regains her memory. Although she went back to her old self, the gibbs who illustrated this personality did no return because that the spinoff series, Fuller House.

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How plenty of seasons the ‘Fuller House’ space there?

Decades after ~ the relax of Full House, Netflix developed their own spinoff featuring numerous of the exact same actors native the original sitcom. V the Tanner sister all get an impression up, Fuller House complies with DJ Tanner together the new matriarch of your childhood home. There’s even a wedding or two.

Although the last season was separation into two halves, over there were five seasons of this original collection on the streaming platform. There space 75 illustration released, many of which room still accessible for binge-watching.

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Most episodes of Full House are obtainable on Hulu, while Fuller House is obtainable on Netflix.