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Netflix is about to gain the recent season of among The CW"s best shows as The Flash Season 6 it s okay a streaming relax date. The Flash aired that Season 6 finale this week, which started the countdown until the display is available to watch digital in full.

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When is The Flash Season 6 exit on Netflix?

According come The CW"s contract v Netflix, seasons of every one of its reflects which began prior to the 2019-2020 TV season concerned the streamer eight days after their season finales waiting on TV. This usually means that The Flash as well as shows like Riverdale, Dynasty and also Supergirl concerned Netflix toward the finish of May.

However, a variety of CW mirrors were compelled to end early on this year after production was compelled to close due to the coronavirus. This, however, was an excellent news because that fans that those shows waiting because that them to pertained to Netflix, as it method the episodes space coming slightly earlier to the streamer.


"The Flash" Season 6 is comes to Netflix this MayThe CWAs The Flash Season 6 finale aired ~ above The CW on might 13, that is Netflix release day will be may 21. Favor the majority of Netflix shows, the 19 episodes are expected come be exit after midnight PDT. Once the show is exit in your nation will count on your time distinction from the West Coast, i m sorry is right now nine hours behind GMT.

Right now, only the previous 5 episodes of The Flash Season 6 are airing. These can be discovered on The CW website and app. Netflix, meanwhile, has the first five periods of The Flash best now.

The Flash will be the latest of CW"s superhero shows to release its most recent season onto Netflix. This adheres to the final season that Arrow, which came to Netflix in early on February, and also Black Lightning Season 3, which come in March. Likewise coming shortly to Netflix room Supergirl Season 5 (on may 25) and Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 (Wednesday, June 10).

Though Batwoman concerns an finish on The CW on may 17 (the exact same night together Supergirl), the present will no be authorized The Flash ~ above Netflix. Follow to Deadline, the an initial 20 illustration (cut down from the initial 22) the the Ruby Rose series will concerned HBO Max in September 2020.

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This is potentially poor news for fans of the Arrowverse that missed the franchise"s epos Crisis on infinite Earths crossover. Though illustration 1 and 3, 4 and also 5 will certainly be on Netflix through June, episode 2 to be technically an illustration of Batwoman, an interpretation that it will not appear on Netflix.