Oh, Awkward. Always the tiny MTV show that could, the comedy has actually impressively regulated to survive for five seasons. Now the concern is, will that streak last? will certainly Awkward return for Season 6, or will Tuesday night"s episode mark the series finale? The price is much more facility than you"d more than likely expect. When Awkward was renewed for Season 5 earlier in October 2014, TVLine reported that it would certainly be the series" last. As soon as you also include in the cancellation of Faking It and also MTV announcing three new comedies, the odds of much more Awkward seem incredibly low. However, just recently, one of the series" producers gave fans factor to hope.

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In a might 23 interview v TVLine, executive, management producer Mike Chessler said that Awkward"s Season 5 finale can not it is in the show"s last episode after all. "We together the showrunners certainly believe there are plenty more stories left come tell, and we"re excited around the potential to perform so," the said. “But we don’t control the fate that the show. It’s simply a issue of MTV deciding what fits right into their schedule following year and also how numerous shows castle going come have. We’re certainly interested, and most the the actors is interested.”

It"s safe to say that Jillian Rose, that plays the Tamara on the show, is one of those interested cast members. "I want the show to critical forever," she claimed in an additional interview v TVLine. "I feeling at house with the show and also I’m still so in love v these characters and also these world who I take into consideration my family. I’d love to execute a couple of more seasons or also a spinoff ... Us filmed this season together if it was the last, and I would certainly be happy with the way things end for if this is it."

So what can the 6th season organize for Matty, Jenna, Tamara and the rest, if it were to walk forward?

“It would certainly be really different,” Chessler revealed in his interview. “We’d run ahead over time again, and also there have been conversations around having the in a various city with a various feel. The factor I claimed this episode is the nearby of one thing is because, if there were to be another chapter, it would certainly be a an extremely different phase ... Wednesday really turn the show on the ear.”

It"s difficult not to obtain pretty pumped around the opportunity of a sixth season, but based upon Chessler"s comments, the sounds choose the present would (yet again) be headed for some very serious changes if it returns. However, the isn"t a bad thing, specifically considering the interesting growth Awkward has actually undergone in Season 5B alone. The idea the switching things up again could, in fact, signal a whole brand-new world of possibilities because that the characters. Therefore in instance Awkward go defy the odds and come ago for a sixth season, right here are 5 ways it can move the story in one exciting new direction.

Move On

No, literally: move. Send the characters running native Palos Hills, from any college campus, and also toss lock all through Sadie and also Tamara in NYC. If Jenna desires to it is in a writer, brand-new York is a an excellent place to perform it, and also considering how an excellent the city has actually been because that Sadie and Tamara, and I"d love to see just how Matty and Jenna deal with such a major change.

Switch come Streaming

If MTV doesn"t carry the series back, it could try to find a house for Season 6 ~ above Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon. Going digital would additionally let Awkward push the limits of TV even further.

Skip College


High school and also college-set television reflects are significantly a dime a dozen, and considering the actors are all well right into their 20s in genuine life, it would certainly be pretty awesome to view their personalities make that growing pain-filled shift to adulthood together a maturation bookend to the series.

Move past The Boys

Look, I"m a sucker for romantic drama too, but since Awkward fans have been quibbling end whether or no Jenna and Matty should be/will it is in together because day one, it would be nice to view her either solitary or in a committed, serious relationship in the show"s next chapter.

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Focus on The Friendships

The newfound (possibly short-lived) friendship between Tamara and also Sadie has injected some lot welcomed joy into Season 5B, and I"d love to view an even closer focus on the relationships between Jenna and also her ride-or-dies — and also even her frenemies — if aer graces us through a 6th season.