On Sunday, February 18,2007, CW transfer the last 2 episodes the Reba
The Reba series finale was the 125th episode of the series and was entitled “The youngsters are Alright.” Here’s the conclusion of what happened.

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After Brock (Christopher Rich) leaves, Barbara Jean (Melissa Peterman) comes earlier downstairs and also is miffed that Van (Steve Howey) and also Cheyenne (Joanna Garcia) won’t provide her an interview. Reba (Reba McEntire) tells BJ that she think her moving to Arkansas is a little selfish. BJ is incredulous and can’t believe that she’s gift faulted because that wanting something because that herself. Reba speak her just how much Brock has adjusted and BJ replies that he hasn’t. She to know Brock wants things to go back to the way they were, when the world revolved solely about him. Reba says that BJ desires the civilization to revolve around her. BJ tells Reba that it’s not her problem and also Reba says, “I believe that every marriage that deserve to be saved, need to be saved. Mine couldn’t yet yours still has actually a chance.” BJ pipeline saying that she has to go offer her notice to the news terminal so the they can uncover someone rather to carry out the weather.

A bit later, in the Hart home, Van thanks Reba because that letting them continue to be with her and also comments that he needs to change his smoky shirt. Kyra (Scarlett Pomers) comments the the washing machine’s broken and also asks if the has lugged his magic butter knife. The 2 mock every other and Kyra leaves. Cheyenne and also Van phone call Reba the they think they must live over there permanently, that they’re clear not qualified of living on their own. Reba surprises castle by speak “no.” castle can’t believe it but Reba reassures them that they can handle every little thing mess they get into, as lengthy as castle stick together.

A little later, we check out the couple moving ago to their home. Reba’s not fairly ready because that it, understanding that it’s for an excellent this time, however believes it’s for the best. The three are all hugging when Brock enters. Reba asks the if he’s heard anything indigenous BJ and Brock claims that he’ll know her decision through watching she broadcast. If there’s a brand-new girl doing the weather then he’ll understand that she take it the Arkansas job. They turn on the TV and also the news anchor starts the show by wishing BJ fine in her brand-new job. Brock is crushed and also Van, Cheyenne and also Reba space all stunned.

BJ enters and also Reba speak her that she simply can’t believe that BJ’s cram away she marriage. Reba then states that she can’t allow her ideal friend destroy her life. They’re every shocked the Reba said that BJ to be her ideal friend however Reba admits the it’s true. Reba expects BJ to go crazy however she doesn’t, saying the strangely enough, after every this time, that doesn’t feel prefer a large deal. Reba’s in shock yet BJ bursts out that she to be kidding because that’s what best friends do. She screams and gives Reba a huge hug.

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Brock interrupts the hugging and honestly speak BJ that, if relocating to tiny Rock would certainly make she happy, then that’s what he wants her come do. He desires her to be happy because he important loves her. If she’ll have actually him, he will go through her, wherever she wants to go. The concludes by telling BJ that, there is no her, over there is a hole wherein his heart supplied to be. BJ is moved and also says the it’s the most beautiful thing she’s ever before heard. Brock gives Reba an “I told girlfriend so” look. Brock and BJ embrace and BJ tells everyone that she’s no leaving ~ all. To keep her, the station offered her a major news job. She claims she couldn’t leave Brock and also says “every marriage that deserve to be saved, must be.”

Reba states that she is important happy for both the couples, the things have actually turned out so well. She claims that, “six year ago, I thought I was cursed. But I’m not. I’m blessed. I have actually the craziest, many dysfunctional, most wonderful life I can imagine. And I love all of you.”

They’re an extremely moved and also Van says that they take a picture to mental the special moment forever. As he bring away the camera, Reba calls for Kyra and also Jake (Mitch Holleman) come come join in. BJ points out that she wants to stand beside her ideal friend and also says, “can you think it Reba? 6 years ago, this family members was fallout’s apart and also then I come in and also I just put everything earlier together.”

Brock states that’s not specifically how he’d put it yet Reba shushes the saying, “Barbra Jean’s right. We acquired through the all. We’re survivors.” they all smile as the acquainted theme music rises and the camera flashes. We view the lovely group photo i beg your pardon fades right into the wedding picture from Cheyenne and also Van’s wedding. End of series.

There have been rumors that lifetime or one more cable station could want to renew the series or construct a spin-off certification Van and Cheyenne. Unfortunately, there’s no concrete information about these possibilities however we’ll store you posted. Stay tuned!