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Education factsState superintendent: Jhone EbertNumber of students: 445,707Number of teachers: 20,695Teacher/pupil ratio: 1:22Number of institution districts: 18Number the schools: 664Graduation rate: 70.7%Per-pupil spending: $8,339See alsoNevada department of education • perform of college districts in Nevada • Nevada • institution boards portal

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Espinoza v. Montana department of RevenueMedia coverage and also commentaryU.S. Supreme Court 2019-2020 term Blaine modification (U.S. Constitution)Blaine amendments in state constitutions School an option on the ballotEducation ~ above the ballotSee also: Espinoza v. Montana room of Revenue

On June 30, 2020, the U.S. Supreme Court determined Espinoza v. Montana department of Revenue, which came to whether the federal government can exclude spiritual institutions native student-aid programs. The case related to short article X, section 6 of the Montana Constitution, additionally known together Montana’s Blaine Amendment.<18>

In its 5-4 opinion, the court hosted that the applications of post X, section 6 violated the free exercise i of the U.S. Constitution. The majority held post X, ar 6 barred spiritual schools and also parents that wished to send their youngsters to those schools from receiving publicly benefits due to the fact that of the spiritual character that the school.<19>

The case addressed the tension in between the totally free exercise and Establishment clauses of the U.S. Constitution—where one promises the right of individuals" free exercise that religion and the various other guarantees that the state won"t create a religion—and the intersections the state constitutions v state law and with the U.S. Constitution.

Nevada is among the claims with a Blaine Amendment.

Education funding and expenditures

See also: Nevada state budget and finances

According to the nationwide Association of State budget Officers (NASBO), says spent an mean of 19.8 percent the their full budgets top top elementary and an additional education throughout fiscal year 2013. In addition, the United claims Census Bureau found that about 45.6 percent that the country"s school mechanism revenue come from state sources, while around 45.3 percent came from local sources. The remaining part of school mechanism revenue come from federal sources.<20><21>

Nevada spent around 22.3 percent the its spending plan on elementary and secondary education during fiscal year 2013. School device revenue came mostly from state funds. Nevada spent the 2nd highest together a percentage of that total budget plan on public education and learning when contrasted to its surrounding states.

Comparison that financial figures for institution systems, fiscal year 2013StatePercentage of budgetPer pupil spendingRevenue sourcesPercent commonwealth fundsPercent state fundsPercent local funds
United States19.8%$10,7009.1%45.6%45.3%
Sources: NASBO, "State Expenditure Report" (Table 8). U.S. Census Bureau, "Public education Finances: 2013, economic Reimbursable Surveys department Reports" (Table 5 and Table 8).

Revenue breakdowns

See also: public school system revenues in the U.S. To to compare all states.

According come the United states Census Bureau, publicly school device revenues totaled roughly $598 billion in budget year 2013.<21>

In Nevada, the primary source of school device revenue was local capital during budget year 2013, at $2.6 billion. Nevada report the lowest total public education revenue when contrasted to its neighboring states.

Revenues through source, fiscal year 2013 (amounts in thousands)StateFederal revenueState revenueLocal revenueTotal revenue
United States$54,367,305$272,916,892$270,645,402$597,929,599
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, "Public education Finances: 2013, financial Reimbursable Surveys department Reports" (Table 1)

Expenditure breakdowns

See also: windy school mechanism expenditures in the unified States

According come the National facility for education and learning Statistics, public school device expenditures totaled around $602 exchange rate in fiscal year 2012.<22>

Public education expenditures in Nevada totaled about $4.2 billion in fiscal year 2012. Nevada reported the lowest total public education expenditures when contrasted to its surrounding states.

Expenditures through type, budget year 2012 (amounts in thousands)StateGeneral expendituresCapital outlayOtherTotal expenditures
United States$527,096,473$48,773,386$25,897,123$601,766,981
Source: National facility for education and learning Statistics, "Revenues and also Expenditures because that Public primary school and secondary Education: college Year 2011–12 (Fiscal Year 2012)" (Table 5)

Personnel salaries

See also: Public institution teacher wages in the united States
Note: Salaries provided are averages for the state. Salaries might vary in between a state"s urban, suburban, and also rural districts and also should be changed for price of living. Because that example, a MacIver Institute examine of average teacher wages in 60 metropolitan areas found that earnings in brand-new York City to be the third-highest in absolute figures however 59th-highest when readjusted for the expense of living.<23>

According to the National facility for education and learning Statistics, the typical national salary for classroom teacher in public elementary and an additional schools decreased by 1.3 percent native the 1999-2000 institution year to the 2012-2013 college year. Throughout the same period in Nevada, the median salary raised by four percent.<24>

Estimated typical salaries for teachers (in constant dollars**)1999-20002009-20102011-20122012-2013Percent difference
United States$57,133$58,925$56,340$56,383-1.3%
**"Constant dollars based on the customer Price table of contents (CPI), ready by the bureau of job Statistics, U.S. Room of Labor, adjusted to a school-year basis. The CPI does not account for distinctions in inflation prices from state to state."


State agencies

See also: Nevada room of Education

According to the state"s educational goals for 2020, the Nevada room of education is in charge of elevating student achievement results, improving the graduation rate, ensuring students are prepared for university or careers ~ above finishing high school, overseeing the performance of teachers and also administrators, supporting and also expanding programs that have proven to boost learning and also increasing productivity.<25>

Dale Erquiaga to be appointed Superintendent of public Instruction by the governor in respectable 2013.<26>

The mission statement of the Nevada department of education reads:<27>

To boost student achievement and educator performance by ensuring opportunities, facilitating learning, and promoting excellence.<28>

The Nevada State plank of education sets education and learning policy for the state. It is created of 11 members, 4 of whom are elected. The other seven room appointed.<29>


In 2012, the Fordham Institute and Education Reform now assessed the power and influence of state teacher union in all 50 states and the district of Columbia. Their rankings were based on 37 different variables in five large areas: resources and membership, authorized in politics, border of bargaining, state policies and perceived influence. Nevada ranked 25th all at once for union power and influence, or "average," which was in the center tier the five.<30>

The key union regarded the Nevada school device is the Nevada State education and learning Association, an affiliate that the National education and learning Association (NEA).

List of neighborhood Nevada college unions:<31>

Taxpayer-funded lobbying

See also: Nevada government sector lobbying

The main education government ar lobbying company is the Nevada association of institution Boards. Each of Nevada"s school districts is a member that the organization.<32>


On January 15, 2009, governor Jim Gibbons launched Nevada open Government, a statewide searchable digital database because that financial data.<33>

Studies and reports

Quality Counts 2014

See also: education and learning Week survey

Education Week, a publication that reports on countless education issues throughout the country, started using one evaluation system in 1997 to grade each state ~ above various facets of education and learning performance. This system, referred to as Quality Counts, offers official data on performance from every state to create report cards for all 50 states and the district of Columbia. The report card in 2014 offers six various categories:

Chance because that successK-12 achievementStandards, assessments and also accountabilityThe teaching professionSchool financeTransitions and alignment

Each the these six categories had a variety of other aspects that got individual scores. Those scores were climate averaged and also used to determine the last score in every category. Every state got two types of scores for each that the six major categories: A numerical score the end of 100 and also a letter grade based upon that score. Education Week offered the score for the an initial category, "chance because that success," as the value for ranking every state and also the district of Columbia. The average grade obtained in the entire nation was 77.3, or a C+ average. The country"s highest possible average score remained in the category of "standards, assessments and accountability" in ~ 85.3, or a B average. The lowest typical score was in "K-12 achievement", in ~ 70.2, or a C- average.

Nevada obtained a score the 65.7, or a D average in the "chance for success" category. This was listed below the nationwide average. The state"s highest possible score was in "standards, assessments and accountability" in ~ 75.4, or a C average. The lowest score remained in "school finance" in ~ 64.5, or a D average. Nevada had actually the lowest score in the "standards, assessments and accountability" classification when contrasted to neighboring states. The chart listed below displays the scores that Nevada and its surrounding states.<34>

Note: click on a tower heading to type the data.

Public education and learning report cards, 2014StateChance because that successK-12 achievementStandards, assessments and also accountabilityThe teaching professionSchool financeTransitions and alignment
Nevada65.7 (D)66.7 (D+)75.4 (C)71.0 (C-)64.5 (D)75.0 (C)
Arizona70.2 (C-)66.6 (D+)87.6 (B+)62.4 (D-)66.8 (D+)78.6 (C+)
California72.4 (C-)67.8 (D+)92.8 (A)71.6 (C-)69.2 (D+)82.1 (B-)
Utah79.1 (C+)69.1 (D+)81.7 (B-)64.5 (D)65.2 (D)89.3 (B+)
United States77.3 (C+)70.2 (C-)85.3 (B)72.5 (C)75.5 (C)81.1 (B-)
Source: education and learning Week, "Quality Counts 2014"

A full conversation of just how these number were produced can be discovered here.

State budget Solutions education and learning study

See also: State safety on education and learning v. Scholastic performance (2012)

State spending plan Solutions examined nationwide trends in education from 2009 come 2011, consisting of state-by-state evaluation of education and learning spending, graduation rates and average act scores. The study confirmed that the states that spent the many did not have actually the greatest average ACT test scores, nor did they have actually the highest average graduation rates. A summary of the examine is obtainable here. The complete report deserve to be accessed here.

School districts

See also: college board poll portal

District types

Nevada contains only classic school districts. One institution district operates in every county, and also one college district educates students in Carson City in particular.<35>

School plank composition

Nevada school board members are chosen by occupants of the school district. Nevada institution board elections typically follow among these 3 methods, or a mixture thereof:

At-large: All voter residing in the college district might vote for any kind of candidates running, nevertheless of geographical location.Trustee area: just voters residing in a details geographic area within the college district may vote on specific candidates, who must likewise reside in that details geographic area.Trustee area at-large: All voters residing in the institution district might vote for any kind of candidates running, however candidates should reside in certain geographic areas within the institution district.

School boards have the right to consist of five or seven members. College board members offer four-year terms, i m sorry are frequently staggered every 2 years.<36>

Term limits

Nevada school board members are minimal to 12 years in office through state law. Term borders were approved by voter in a 1996 ballot measure, and then upheld in 2008 through the Nevada supreme Court.<37>


See also: Nevada college board elections, 2021

No Nevada institution districts in ~"s coverage scope room holding school board vote in 2021.

Path to the ballot

To qualify for the ballot together a institution board candidate in Nevada, a person must be:

18 years of age or olderA "qualified elector"A residents of the institution district because that at the very least 30 days before the candidacy filing deadline

The procedure of to run for office as a institution board candidate starts with submit a "declaration that candidacy" kind at the neighborhood county elections office. Depending on the district, candidates may also be compelled to pay a submit fee. The filing fee in both Clark County and Washoe ar is $30.<38>

Campaign finance

Nevada calls for all college board candidates to file five campaign finance reports through the Nevada Secretary that State during the choice cycle.<39>

Recent legislation

The following is a perform of recent education and learning bills that have actually been introduced in or happen by the Nevada state legislature. Come learn an ext about each of these bills, click the invoice title. This information is noted by BillTrack50 and LegiScan.

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Note: because of the nature of the sorting process used to create this list, some results may not be relevant to the topic. If no receipt are shown below, no regulation pertaining to this topic has been introduced in the legislative recently.