White home is the official workplace and also familial residence that the chairman of the united States. Own by the commonwealth government, the White home is situated in the nation"s resources at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW in Washington, DC. This place was selected through the establishing father that the united States, George Washington, although the never got to live in it. The White House has actually six stories and 55,000 square feet that floor space containing 132 rooms.

History the the White home

The cornerstone of this magnificent structure was set up in 1792 by James Hoban. The initial design of the White house came from a architecture contest. The construction of the structure is said to have cost the federal federal government of the US about $232,371.83. This value is calculated together per the time as soon as the White home was being constructed (1792-1800). Currently, this value have the right to be equated to $3,350,711.

John Adams became the an initial president come reside in the White home after its building was accomplished in 1800. When John Adams and also his family moved into this house, the structure had no been totally furnished.

During the conflict in between the joined States and the unified Kingdom, which occurred in 1812, the British army managed come burn under the White house leading to massive destruction of the interior style of the building and also charring lot of the exterior.

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The reconstruction of the White residence began practically immediately; James Hoban managed to reclaim the previous glory that the White House. After ~ the perfect of its repair in 1817, chairman James Monroe moved right into the completely finished building.

Size that the White House

There space a full of 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, 28 fireplaces, 8 staircases, and also 3 working elevators in the White House. Except the countless rooms in the White House, this building also contains a tennis court, a classy swim pool, a jogging track, a movie theater, and a bowling lane amongst other locations where the president and also his/her family can have actually fun and also spend quality time together.

The White residence Complex, together it is known, has the central Executive Residence in addition to the east Wing and also West Wing. The east Wing serves together the office an are of the first Lady and her staff while the West Wing organize the offices of the President and his staff.

The massive size the the building is estimated to consume about 300 gallons of paint at the exterior part. Once this building was repainted in 1994, it took about 570 gallons that white repaint to repaint the entirety building, both the internal and also the outer sections, costing the federal government much more than $283,000.

Importance that the White home

The White home has countless significance come the American citizens. First, the structure is one of the most recognized landmarks the the united States. Secondly, the White residence is supplied as a symbol of the nation’s belief in democracy and also liberty. Because of the historic significance of this building, the is a main tourist site in the US, attracting both local and international tourists with about 6,000 individuals visit the White home every day.

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The White house is related to as a museum of the United says since background is do on a everyday basis in this building.