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How countless rooms space in the White House? when was the White home built? How numerous gallons of repaint does it take it to paint the White House?

Along through your phone call number, your address is among the first pieces of information that most children memorize once they begin school. After all, if you miss the bus, it"s vital to be able to tell a school employee wherein you live.

When it concerns addresses, most people know your own address and possibly a couple of others, such as those of near friends and also family members. However there"s another resolve that many kids know indigenous their research of history: 1600 Pennsylvania avenue in Washington, D.C.

Do you recognize it? If so, you know who resides there: the president of the United claims of America. You probably likewise know the shade of the home he lives in. That"s right! We"re talking around the White House, of course!

Although starting father and first president George Washington selected the website where the White residence would it is in built, he never obtained to live in it. The cornerstone for the building was set in 1792, once construction began based upon Irish-American architect James Hoban"s design.

After eight years of construction, President john Adams lastly moved right into the White home in 1800 before it was even completely finished. ~ the British collection fire to the building during the battle of 1812, James Hoban revitalized and rebuilt the White House, and President James Monroe moved right into the finished structure in 1817.

More than simply the residence of the chairman of the united States and also his family, the White house is plenty of things to countless people. It"s a price of the nation"s id in liberty and also democracy, and a renowned tourist attraction. It has actually hosted numerous presidents, and also leaders from almost everywhere the human being for state dinners, main visits, and even essential negotiations. It"s a museum that American history where history continues to it is in made ~ above a daily basis.

Its classic, stately design makes the White house a popular landmark recognizable roughly the world. And what a house it is! The White House features 132 rooms spread throughout six various levels. Among those rooms you"ll find 35 bathrooms, 28 fireplaces, eight staircases, and three elevators.

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It hasn"t always been recognized as the White House, though. At an early stage names contained the President"s Palace, the President"s House, and even the executive Mansion. It to be President Theodore Roosevelt who provided it that is current and official surname in 1901.

So how much repaint does it require to make the White house so white? A lot! once the White home was repainted in 1994, it took 570 gallons the white repaint that totaled much more than $283,000!

In enhancement to the bedrooms and also offices you"d suppose to uncover in the White House, you"ll additionally find part other distinctive features. When the chairman or his household wants to have some fun, they can use the tennis court, jogging track, swimming pool, movie theater, or bowling lane!

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If you to be President the the joined States, what kind of house would you desire to live in? If the White home didn"t exist and you could select any kind of home with any features, what would it be? What would it look at like? How many rooms would certainly there be? permit your imagination run wild. Attract a picture or create a description of what your presidential royal residence would look at like. Have actually fun designing a castle fit because that a king!