The White residence is the name given to the main residence and workplace that the chairman of the joined States. Due to the fact that it is typically connected with the President, that is likewise a prize of the executive, management branch the the U.S. Government, and also every President except George Washington has lived here. The is located at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue in Washington, DC, and is among the most famous tourist attractions in the country. The White house is about one mile north of the Washington Monument and about two mile northwest the the U.S. Capitol Building.

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The White house was built between 1792 and also 1800; in 1814, it was shed by the British military when they got into the city throughout the war of 1812. After ~ the war ended, the White home was rebuilt in the 1820s and has been increased over the years, including significant internal restoration from 1949 come 1951. It has been redecorated on the inside and today is open up for publicly tours. The President’s family likewise lives in the White House, and also although each President might make alters to the interior, these need to be authorized by the Committee because that the preservation of the White House. Any changes have to be in maintaining with the historical character that the White House.

The President’s office is referred to as the Oval Office since the room is shaped like an oval. In the Oval Office, the President indicators bills, meets with staff, and hosts guests and visitors. Among the most well known pieces of furniture in the room is the Resolute desk, which to be made indigenous the hardwood of a brothers ship and also was provided to chairman Hayes in 1880 by Queen Victoria.

The White House and also its grounds have actually seen many changes. During human being War I, president Woodrow Wilson had a i m crying of sheep on the southern grounds the ate the grass; your wool was offered for the battle effort. The southern Lawn is likewise where the President’s helicopter, naval One, bring away off and also lands. It is the site of the yearly Easter Egg Roll, where children can get involved in a traditional Easter event. The grounds have likewise been used as gardens for food for the White house meals.

White house facts and also figures:

The White residence is 168 feet long.It is 152 feet large (with porticoes).It is about 70 feet high on the southern side and also 60 feet high ~ above the phibìc side.To covering the external of the White House, that takes 300 gallons of paint.It sit on 18 acres of land.It has 132 rooms, with 16 family and also guest rooms, 3 kitchens, and also 35 bathrooms.The floor area is about 55,000 square feet.

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To find out more, including an interactive tour, check out the White house official site.