From speeds close to 70 miles every hour to 90-degree drops, roller coasters at silver- Dollar City in Branson will leave friend speechless. No a fan of too much rides? silver- Dollar City has a wide selection of coasters with the best amount of thrill for every theme park visitor.

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Get prepared to ride throughout your next visit to silver- Dollar City! The renowned 1880s design template park functions several roller coasters created young tourists to excessive thrill-seekers.

Buckle up, sit back, and settle in for the journey (or rides!) that a life time with this coasters:

Grand Exposition Coaster

This coaster is ideal because that young visitors and also those that aren’t quite ready for the bigger rides. Still complete of excitement, the rail coaster dips, turns and also flies 20 feet upwards along its monitor at increases to 20 miles every hour. 

Fire In The Hole

Step indoors to view what awaits when you ride Fire in the Hole, i beg your pardon puts you in the middle of an Ozarks adventure and also a burning town with just one method out – a leg engulfed in flames. You never understand what may be around the corner! 




Prepare come crank increase the speed a little bit with this coaster, which is recognized for its incredible 80-foot drop and also top speeds nearing 50 miles per hour. Thunderation likewise features exceptional views of the neighboring Ozarks scenery and soars v an underground tunnel prior to ending that is expedition. 


Along v a collection of upside-down thrills, WildFire riders will drop 15 stories and also reach height speeds that 66 miles every hour. The coaster performs inversions consisting of a full loop, cobra roll, corkscrew and high-speed spiral.


As its surname suggests, PowderKeg is a important explosive coaster! Right out of the gate, riders soar from 0 come 53 miles every hour in less than three seconds. There’s a vast 110-foot drop, and also top speeds later in the ride with 64 miles per hour.

Outlaw Run

This coaster is one of the world fastest wood roller coasters, v a peak speed that 68 miles per hour. Various other highlights incorporate upside under loops and also a 720-degree barrel roll.

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Time Traveler

Time Traveler, the newest addition to silver- Dollar City"s roller coasters, is the world"s fastest, steepest & tallest spinning coaster. This coaster is truly one of a kind, featuring 3 inversions, a 10-story, 90-degree upright drop, loops and also more, all while spinning on the track"s path. Talk around a coaster ahead of that is time! 

From coasters suited for young visitors to rides drawing international attention, silver Dollar City"s roller coasters are the perfect addition of thrill come your next Branson vacation. Learn much more about silver- Dollar City here.