Camp Snoopy uses all kinds of “Peanuts”-themed rides and attractions, consisting of Woodstock’s Airmail, a pint-sized variation of the park’s power Tower.

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Rollercoaster Millennium force is a staple of Cedar Point"s skyline, shoot riders end hills, previous lagoons and through tunnels, reaching increases to 93 miles every hour.

Rollercoaster Maverick renders for a well-paced and also gloriously smooth ride the still gets your blood pumping.


Parkgoers likewise enjoy the sand and sun in ~ Cedar point as the design template park contains a beach on the shores the Lake Erie.


The world tallest and also fastest roller coaster once it debuted in 2003, optimal Thrill Dragster’s hydraulic launch device sends the car accelerating to 120 miles every hour in 4 seconds flat.

Nestled in Sandusky, Ohio, the the second-oldest operation amusement park in the unified States, behind Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut. And thrill-seekers will find some that the ideal roller coasters in the country at Cedar suggest — the the only amusement park in the world with six coasters the reach at least 200 feet right into the sky.

Of those six — Magnum XL-200, Millennium Force, evil Twister, optimal Thrill Dragster, Valravn and Steel Vengeance — Millennium force was the tallest roller coaster and the an initial to peak 300 feet as soon as it opened in 2000. The top coaster, a staple of Cedar Point’s skyline, damaged records and still wows crowds now as that shoots riders over hills, previous lagoons and through tunnels, reaching increases to 93 mph. At 182 feet, Millennium Force’s 3rd hill is higher than most other coasters’ first drops.

Then, there’s top Thrill Dragster, which was the world tallest and also fastest coaster when it debuted in 2003. Though it to be knocked out of the top spot by 6 Flags good Adventure’s Kingda Ka, top Thrill Dragster will still send you flying. The hydraulic launch mechanism sends the car accelerating to 120 mph in 4 seconds flat prior to shooting it increase a 420-foot looping tower and also letting it free fall at 90 degrees down the other side.

Don’t count the end the Maverick coaster, though. If this drive reaches just 105 feet and also goes 70 mph, it package a lot of adrenaline-pumping fun many thanks to two launches that will take her breath away, an ear-splitting an initial drop and perfect mr of airtime. It renders for a well-paced and gloriously smooth ride that still gets her blood pumping.

Even if you’re no a roller coaster aficionado, yes sir something to grab your fist Cedar Point. Dodgem uses a classic bumper automobile experience for all eras in i m sorry riders deserve to swerve, whip, bump and crash cars. Skies Ride, meanwhile, gives an aerial view of Cedar Point, Lake Erie and much more as riders travel on a gondola trip 92 feet into the air. Even the littlest riders have the right to sit back, relax and also enjoy the sights on this scenic journey.

While stole Dragon no have any kind of loops and its height speed is simply over 40 mph, it’s tho a rush. The drive dips and swings from side to side end the park and additionally lets riders hang end nothing however forests and Cedar suggest Lagoon. And, brand-new this year, snake River exploration is a river boat ride with live performers and animated scenes with special effects.

For the littlest guests, Camp Snoopy supplies all species of “Peanuts”-themed rides and attractions, consisting of Woodstock’s Airmail, a pint-sized version of the park’s strength Tower; Snoopy’s room Race airplane ride; Peanuts road Rally race track and also more.

After working up one appetite, grab a bite at among the restaurants and also food was standing scattered around the park. Select from franchises such as Johnny Rockets and Chickie’s & Pete’s to local favorites favor Toft’s ice cream Cream.

The template park also includes a coast on the shores the Lake Erie. Dip her toes in the lake or, also better, go approximately dusk to take in the picturesque sunset.

To cool off, make a splash at Cedar point Shores Waterpark, which opens up Saturday, may 29, and also features 18 acres of fun for everyone. Take it the youngsters to Lakeslide Landing and its pint-sized slides, geysers and fountains. Also, that is mythical Lake Erie monster, Lemmy, is prepared to play in ~ Lemmy’s Lagoon. Daredevils deserve to test your courage top top the four-capsule drop slide, allude Plummet. And don’t forget come sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine by sampling some treats in ~ Beaches & Cream or float in cabanas.

The fun doesn’t avoid at attractions and also rides, either, as Cedar point is known for that is award-winning live entertainment.

Safety is a top priority together well. Earlier this year, park public representative said appointments will be forced for guest planning come visit Cedar point and the waterpark. Confront coverings room not required outdoors uneven it is not possible to preserve 6 feet of social distancing. Challenge coverings room recommended if on rides. Also, the park will certainly maintain reduced capacity due to the fact that of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Cedar suggest will proceed to provide safe family members fun in 2021, simply as the has because its beginning,” Jason McClure, Cedar Point’s vice president and general manager, called ABC12 News. “The entire team is eager to memory the park’s postponed 150th anniversary with new entertainment, brand-new dining options, commemorative merchandise, a great new household ride and more.”

Cedar point managers will job-related with federal and state wellness officials ~ above COVID-19 protocols transparent the season. Guest should check the Cedar allude website for details on requirements and also safety protocols before visiting.

“In the current environment, ours team will proceed to lug out our mission the not only safety however (also) the very reason we’ve been right here for much more than 150 years — to make world happy,” McClure said.

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Sandusky, Ohio

Distance from: from Scranton: 6 hours, 32 minutes (423 miles); Wilkes-Barre: 6 hours, 12 minute (405 miles); indigenous Hazleton: 6 hours, 5 minute (393 miles); indigenous Pottsville: 6 hours, 23 minute (393 miles)

Must-see attractions: Magnum XL-200, Millennium Force, wicked Twister, peak Thrill Dragster, Valravn, steel Vengeance, Maverick, Dodgem, skies Ride, steel Dragon, Snake flow Expedition, Woodstock’s Airmail, Snoopy’s an are Race aircraft ride, Peanuts roadway Rally and also Cedar allude Shores Waterpark



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