Not everyone who plays in the NBA can say the they have won an NBA title. Winning a location is a substantial accomplishment because that players, and that is what lock strive because that their whole NBA career. Some players have even won lot of championships throughout your careers. You look at players favor Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and also Shaquille O’Neal, to name a few. Those players are simply a couple of of the most leading players ever before to beat the game, and their hard work payment off.

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But over there is one previous player that has more rings than Bryant, Jordan, and O’Neal. 3 of his rings he won through Bryant and also O’Neal. With a complete of seven rings, this former player is right now tied for seventh top top the many NBA rings list. His name is Robert Horry.

Horry’s very first two rings

The Houston Rockets drafted Robert Horry in the 1992 NBA draft. He was the No. 11 choose in the draft. He would certainly spend 4 seasons v the Rockets, and in his sophomore season in the league, he to be an NBA champion. The Rockets beat the brand-new York Knicks 4-3 to win their first NBA championship. The did no take Horry lengthy to become a champion.

The following season was one more special season for the Rockets. The team won their 2nd straight NBA championship beating the Orlando Magic 4-0. Only in the league for 3 years, Horry currently had two NBA titles.

His next three rings v the Los Angeles Lakers

Horry joined the Lakers throughout the 1996-97 season, and it wasn’t until the 1999-2000 season once Horry got one more shot a winning a title. During the 2000 NBA finals, the Lakers took on the Indiana Pacers. The Lakers would success the collection 4-2, and also Horry would certainly go ~ above to victory his third title in his career.

He would likewise win his fourth and also fifth the following two years as the Lakers three-peated. Horry was now sitting at five NBA championships. He likewise was pegged the nickname “Big shot Bob” because that his clutch shots that he hit during the playoffs. In ~ this point, Horry play on two teams that won back-to-back titles.

Horry’s last two rings

Sitting at 5 NBA titles, Horry was no done yet. His last 2 championships come while playing with the mountain Antonio Spurs. One in 2005 and also the various other one in 2007. Horry to be at seven rings, and he to be up there on the list the NBA players v the most rings.

When his NBA career ended in 2008, the walked the end a winner winning multiple championships through three various teams. No too countless players have the right to say the they have done that.

A look in ~ Horry’s career

Horry is among nine football player to have won seven or an ext NBA championships. He still stop the NBA Playoffs record for many three-point ar goals make in a video game without a miss out on at seven. Anytime he to be on the court throughout a an important time, you could constantly count on that to do a play.

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Horry will be psychic as among the many clutch players in the background of the NBA. It will also be interesting to check out what existing NBA players will pass him on the number of championships. Horry currently works together a commentator on Spectrum SportsNet for the Lakers.