It"s been 35 years due to the fact that Revenge of the Nerds struggle theaters and also the original actors just might be cooking something up.

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Revenge the the Nerds Sequel Happening with Disney and also Original Cast?
The original Revenge the the Nerds actors is reportedly reuniting and setup up a new movie. This summer marked the 35th anniversary the the very first installment hitting theaters. The initial movie is considered to be an 80s classic, yet the sequels the followed, consisting of made-for-TV movies were not received very well. In addition, looking ago at the 1984 movie reflects a different time in Hollywood and also contains some pretty controversial scenes that some may contact problematic this days. However, the sounds choose the gang wants to obtain together for a new movie.

It has actually been reported that Disney is behind the upcoming Revenge that the Nerds sequel. Because Disney own Fox, this would provides sense, but is Disney yes, really going to put out a sequel come the raunchy 1984 movie? Robert Carradine, who stars together Lewis Skolnick, is back at Disney for the Lizzie McGuire sequel series, therefore he may have been maybe to host some meetings around a potential Nerds revival. Timothy Busfield, Larry B. Scott, Curtis Armstrong, Brian Tochi and also Andrew Cassese were among that original lineup, and also they could all be returning.

So far, there is no more news about the Revenge the the Nerds sequel. Many of the original cast is quiet alive and also working today, so us could really well see the return of Ogre, Betty Childs, Stan Gable, and more. However, it seems doubtful Anthony Edwards will certainly return if a proper sequel is made. That last verified up in Revenge the the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise for a cameo and has due to the fact that distanced himself from the franchise and gone ~ above to end up being a large TV star.

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Revenge the the Nerds looked favor a huge party, and also for the most part, it really was. Ted McGinley played college football star Stan Gable and provided that the party to be happening in real-life as the cameras to be rolling. "They had actually beer and also pizza and also sandwiches," McGinley said. "I mean, you simply don"t do that top top movie sets. That was just so lot fun, and also I thought, "It can"t be better than this!"" Larry B. Scott, that played the above Lemar likewise spoke around a decent amount that cocaine spend on the set.

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A Revenge that the Nerds sequel will most likely be met with open arms, however what will certainly it look choose today? There are some problematic scenes, which might never be recurring in Hollywood today. A remake was claimed to take place in the mid 2000s, however thankfully the plug was pulled quickly. Robert Carradine and also Curtis Armstrong have actually talked about getting the gang earlier together for years now, however nothing has come of the in regards to a return to the huge screen. Plus, seeing all of this happen at Disney doesn"t really make a entirety lot the sense. Stranger things have happened, so we"ll just need to wait and see. MovieHole was the an initial to report ~ above the Revenge that the Nerds sequel.