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Retro Fitness proceeds to expand in East shore States

National Low-Cost, High-Value Fitness Franchise collaborates with regional Entrepreneurs to develop Brand in brand-new Jersey and also Florida


COLTS NECK, N.J., Feb. 25, 2019 / -- Retro Fitness, a nationwide low-cost, high-value fitness franchise, announced this day it has added two new franchisees totaling four new franchise agreements with neighborhood entrepreneurs Joe and also Shawna Liotine for Tampa, FL and also Jim Sparling for Central, NJ.

"We"ve seen the brand perform well in these prime expansion markets, and also we are thrilled to view the impact of our unique fitness offering reach even an ext people," claimed Eric Casaburi, CEO and founder that Retro Fitness. "The Retro Fitness company model proceeds to tempt existing entrepreneurs and also first-time company owners due to the fact that of the an extensive business model that gives franchisees the ability to set their Retro Fitness clubs apart from the rest in the industry."

The suspect business advancement indicates the Retro Fitness and also its franchisees will infuse an ext than $1 million into their respective sectors through neighborhood investments. Once complete, each new gym will certainly employ at least 25 people.

Joe Liotine (Tampa, FL) has a solid fitness background, working as a general manager for life time Fitness gyms in various markets roughly the United says over the last two decades. Joe chose to leverage that endure to open his first fitness franchises through Retro Fitness in Citrus Park. He and also his mam Shawna will develop two much more clubs end the following three years. The U.S. Naval Veteran recognized Retro Fitness as the finest franchise communication in the fitness industry and loved the truth that the caters to plenty of different needs.Jim Sparling (Central, NJ) is a lifetime entrepreneur having successfully developed and also operated enterprise in real estate and construction. Looking come diversify and enter into the fitness world, that is now in the process of opening his an initial Retro Fitness club v plans to develop more in the coming years.

Retro Fitness has grown into a 155+ franchise by supplying members everything they love around a big box gym – extra space, substantial amenities, and bundling it v personalized classes and niche exercise experiences. The brand is changing the means guests envision the modern-day gym environment.

In addition to every the training equipment needed for a world-class workout, as soon as these Retro Fitness areas open, they"ll assistance its members" personal fitness goals through 3 training tiers made up of: One-on-One cultivate (ONE), the premium training program with customized workouts and private coaching; small Group maintain (STRONG), involving 2-4 members building strength with a an individual trainer; and Team conditioning (TEAM), a high-energy curriculum in a larger team atmosphere. This franchisees space passionate about making sure everyone"s fitness needs will be extended in their brand-new gym.

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Fitness enthusiasm in brand-new Jersey and Florida need to expect to check out Retro Fitness join their communities in 2019.

About Retro FitnessFounded in 2004 by business man Eric Casaburi, Retro Fitness has developed from a regional Northeast gym concept into a national fitness device with an ext than 155 gyms open in 16 states. Under Casaburi"s leadership, Retro Fitness is expanding its footprint with more than 100 gyms in its breakthrough pipeline and plans to have 250 gyms open up in the following two year in new, significant markets, such as Florida, Illinois, California, Maryland, Michigan, brand-new York, phibìc Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and also Washington, D.C. Each Retro Fitness location is equipped v a full-service fitness center, including 60-100 pieces of equipment supplied by top manufacturers. For an ext information and also to learn more about fitness franchise ownership opportunities, visit