Horseshoe Casino Baltimore and multi-Michelin-star chef and celebrated tv personality Gordon Ramsay has announced they will certainly join pressures for the an initial Gordon Ramsay Steak top top the eastern Coast. Ramsay, the star the Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” “The F Word through Gordon Ramsay” and also “MasterChef” amongst others is happen the acclaimed dining concept from Paris las Vegas, where it has received rave reviews because opening in 2012.

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“I’m dazzling to be coming to Baltimore, a yes, really exciting and also emerging culinary city”, Ramsay said. “Our outstanding team is occurring a menu that will combine the ideal dry-aged beef, finest seafood and also freshest locally-sourced ingredient to produce a distinct Charm City dining experience”.



The Gordon Ramsay group operates a full of 31 restaurants globally, with seven Michelin stars. Horseshoe Baltimore will be home to only the 2nd Gordon Ramsay Steak in the country; the opened represents the next step in a cultivation relationship in between Caesars Entertainment, the majority owner and operator the Horseshoe Baltimore, and also the renowned chef, restaurateur, TV personality and also author.

“We’re looking front to adding this remarkable dining principle by among the world’s most achieved chefs come our vast array the offerings”, said Horseshoe Baltimore senior Vice President and General Manager Erin Chamberlin. “Gordon Ramsay Steak set a new standard because that excellence in ras Vegas – a city well-known for that is world-class dining – and also we anticipate doing the same right here in Baltimore”.




Ramsay’s vision because that the restaurant is reflected in the key on the modern-day steakhouse menu. Gordon Ramsay Steak showcases prime beef dry-aged for a minimum of 28 days and cuts such together the 32-ounce imperial Long-bone Chop because that two and American Kobe. Through a nod come his brother roots, Ramsay has increased on the timeless land and also sea offerings and also developed a menu that is both distinctive and also creative. Ramsay’s Beef Wellington and also Sticky Toffee Pudding dishes, which have actually been popular items at Gordon Ramsay Steak in ras Vegas, will be signature item on Ramsay’s Baltimore menu.

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Beyond the plethora of renowned dishes, Gordon Ramsay Steak will feature hundreds of brand in its considerable wine collection and feature barrel-aged cocktail standards with a twist.