Is Monster her jam? perform Red Bulls offer you wings? Sometimes, it feels prefer nothing can get you going choose your favorite power drink. But these are packed through ingredients like caffeine that can be danger in high doses.

Here’s what you need to know around the dark side of power drinks and also what to execute if girlfriend think friend or someone you recognize may have had actually too many.

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What specifically is lurking in the neon deserve to of energy? Caffeine is the biggie. Usual 16 ounce energy drinks save on computer 70 come 240 milligrams that caffeine per 16-ounce container. Yet some, favor Bang Energy, have the right to have upward of 300 milligrams. (For reference, an mean 16-ounce cup of joe is around 200 milligrams of caffeine.)

Stacking energy drinks and coffee means you can gain a *lot* that caffeine nice quickly. Follow to the FDA, obtaining 400 milligrams the this stimulant per day no usually connected with nasty next effects, yet some world might be an ext sensitive to caffeine.

True caffeine toxicity, or a caffeine overdose, tends to begin at about 1,000 milligrams every day because that adults.

What’s the huge deal about all that caffeine? Getting method too much caffeine might lead to potentially serious symptoms prefer an rarely often, rarely heartbeat or seizures.


Energy drink can gain their “energy” from different sources. (It’s likewise common for several stimulants to it is in in one drink.) below are some usual ingredients to examine for on her fave drink’s ingredient list.

Yerba mate. A tea make from parts of a southern American plant. It contains caffeine.

Research mirrors a feasible relationship between energy drink use and also a range of issues, including:

heart issuesaggressive behaviorstomach acheskidney damage

Here’s a closer look at the optimal dangers connected with guzzling power drinks.

1. Might hurt your heart

Caffeine is the real heartbreaker here. Several studies have likewise found that power drinks rise heart rate and blood pressure. If you have these effects consistently, that can put extra press on your ticker and also cause problems in the future.

High blood push is linked to a higher risk of love failure.

2. Ramps up her anxiety

Is it precious the worry? Research reflects that civilization who drink energy drinks can experience anxiety and also other mental health issues. This could be related to the means that power drinks influence your sleep.

Getting too lot caffeine can mess up your sleep schedule and make the harder for you to autumn asleep. That’s not good news because that your mental health.

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3. Might reason seizures

One serious possible side effect of power drinks are seizures. There have actually been seizures in young adult that are attached to acquiring too much caffeine.

If you have actually a heart condition, diabetes, or a mood disorder, it is in extremely careful of exactly how much caffeine you’re getting. You may be at a greater risk of having a perhaps life threaten side result from overdoing that on power drinks.