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Reade an initial alleged in April 2019 that Biden would continuously "put his hand on my shoulder and also run his finger up my neck" if she was employed in his Senate office from December 1992 to respectable 1993.

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She additionally alleged that she was asked to serve drinks at a work-related event due to the fact that Biden favored her legs. Reade saidwhen she refuse to offer the drinks, her work responsibilities were reduced and also she left she job.

In march 2020, Reade first publicly alleged that Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993, pushing her against a wall in a Capitol Hill corridor, getting to under she skirt, and also digitally penetrating her.

Reade stated she filed a complaint v the Senate personnel office concerning Biden"s alleged "sexual harassment and also retaliation," however didn"t mention the alleged assault.

Lucy Flores alleged in march 2019 the Biden grasped her shoulders native behind and kissed the earlier of she head without her consent during a project event in 2014.


Screenshot via CNN

Flores, a democratic politician native Nevada, made her allegations in an essay published in brand-new York Magazine"s The reduced in late March 2019.

Flores claimed that while she to be preparing to walk onstage at a 2014 rally during her gyeongju for sublieutenant governor, Biden come up behind her, placed his hands on her shoulders, smelled she hair, and kissed the back of her head.

"My brain couldn"t procedure what to be happening. Ns was embarrassed. Ns was shocked. Ns was confused," she wrote. "The vice-president that the United states of America had actually just touched me in one intimate means reserved because that close friends, family, or romantic partner — and also I feeling powerless to do anything about it ... Even if his actions wasn"t violent or sexual, it to be demeaning and disrespectful."

Ally Coll, a former democratic staffer, called The Washington write-up in April 2019 that once she met Biden in 2008, he complimented she smile, squeezed her shoulders, and also held she "for a beat as well long."


Screenshot/American legislation Journal

Coll at first brushed turn off the incident, yet she said The write-up that showing on the now, she trust Biden"s actions were inappropriate.

"There"s been a lack of understanding about the way that power have the right to turn other that could seem innocuous right into something that can make someone feel uncomfortable," Coll said The article in April 2019.

Sofie Karasek, a steady organizer, to be photographed stop hands and also touching foreheads through Biden in ~ the 2016 Academy Awards. Karasek claimed she felt Biden violated her personal space in that interaction.


Paul Elias/AP pictures

Karasek was among dozens of sexual-assault survivors that stood on stage while Lady Gaga performed, "Til It wake up To You," a song worrying rape and also sexual assault, in ~ the 2016 Academy Awards.

A photograph from the event of the then-22 year old and also Biden stop hands and touching foreheads walk viral, however Karasek called The Washington write-up in 2019 that she felt Biden had encroached ~ above her an individual space.

She additionally said she didn"t think Biden"s 2019 apology video adequately handle the allegations against him. Biden never explicitly apologized because that his actions, and Karasek claimed he "didn"t take ownership in the way that he needs to."

"He emphasized the he desires to affix with human being and, the course, that"s important," she said. "But again, all of our interactions and also friendships room a two-way street … Too often it doesn"t matter exactly how the mrs feels about it or they just assume that they"re fine through it."

Amy Stokes Lappos alleges Biden traction her challenge close to him throughout a 2009 political fundraiser.

Screenshot/WTNH News 8

Lappos, a tiny business owner and also Democratic politics activist, told the Hartford Courant in April 2019 the Biden "put his hands behind mine head and also pulled me close and also I thought, "he"s going come kiss me.""

Lappos stated her communication with Biden occurred at a Greenwich, Connecticut fundraiser for autonomous Rep. Jim Himes in 2009.

Caitlyn Caruso said that after ~ she common her story that sexual assault at a university of Nevada occasion in 2016, Biden hugged she "just a tiny bit too long" and put his hand on her thigh.

democratic presidential candidate, previous Vice chairman Joe Biden, speaks at the negative People's Moral activity Congress presidential forum in Washington, Monday, June 17, 2019. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh) associated Press

"It doesn"t also really cross her mind that such a human would challenge perpetuate harm like that," Caruso told The brand-new York time in April 2019. "These are supposed to be human being you deserve to trust."

DJ Hill alleges Biden rested his hand on she shoulder and also moved it under her ago at a 2012 fundraising occasion in Minneapolis. Hill stated the conference made her "very uncomfortable."


"Only he knows his intent," Hill said The brand-new York times in April 2019. "If something renders you feel uncomfortable, you have to feel able come say it."

Vail Kohnert-Yount, a former White residence intern, said once she met Biden in 2013, he "put his hand on the back of mine head and pressed his forehead to mine forehead." Kohnert-Yount likewise said Biden called her a "pretty girl."

autonomous 2020 U.S. Presidential candidate and former Vice president Joe Biden. Reuters

Kohnert-Yount called The Washington article in April 2019 she to be "so shocked" by she encounter v Biden that "it was hard to focus on what he was saying."

She said she wouldn"t divide Biden"s plot as sex-related misconduct, but included that it"s "the sort of inappropriate actions that makes numerous women feel uncomfortable and unequal in the workplace."

In June 2019, Biden said the brothers of a 13-year-old girl come "keep the guys away" from she at a campaign event.

Biden touches his head to a young girl's forehead together he greets guest after speaking during a campaign event with former President Barack Obama in 2012. SAUL LOEB/Getty pictures

The Boston Globereportedthat the interaction developed when Biden met a voter in ~ a coffee shop before a project event in Iowa.

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When Biden met the voter"s granddaughter, the asked she age. ~ she replied that she was 13 year old, Biden rotate to her brothers and said, "You"ve acquired one task here, keep the males away from your sister."

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At a may 2019 campaign event, Biden called a 10-year-old girl, "I gambling you're together bright together you space good-looking."

Screenshot/ Wochit national politics

The girl"s teacher and motherdefendedBiden, however progressive critics argued the comments were further evidence of the candidate"s sexism.

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