Controversy swirls this holiday season approximately the lyrics to the 74-year-old vacation tune “Baby, the Cold Outside.” are Iowa radio station joining the flurry?

Radio programmers in Cleveland, Toronto and Madison, Wisconsin, banned the 1944 vacation track indigenous airwaves this season, citing the song’s call-and-response text — portraying a guy unwilling come hear “no” once asking a mrs to continue to be the night — unfit amid the #MeToo movement.

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But brand supervisors for vacation stations in Iowa’s two largest cities — More 104.1 KMYR in Des Moines and 104.5 KDAT in Cedar Rapids — tell the register that neither plan to reduced the song from its holiday rotation.

“... (T)here room those who room genuinely offended by the song, and to them ns say: ns understand and also I"m sorry if you space offended,” Mike Ferris, KDAT brand manager, wrote in a short article on the station’s website.

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In the statement, Ferris ongoing to define he trust the majority of listeners want the song on air: “...(many) understand the difference in between the flirty happy nature that the lyrics and harmful manipulation. Many would agree the this song’s lyrical intention to be not initially meant come be construed as creepy or manipulative.”

In banning the song, radio host Glenn Anderson in ~ WDOK in Cleveland wrote, "I perform realize that as soon as the tune was created in 1944, it was a different time, but now while analysis it, it seems really manipulative and also wrong.”

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Lyrics taking fire indigenous the crooning frank Loesser-penned monitor include, “I should say, no, no, no sir (mind if I move in closer?)” and “At the very least I"m gonna speak that i tried (what"s the feeling in hurtin" my pride?).”

Social media backlash greeted Cleveland and also Madison’s selection to pull the track. Stations in san Francisco and Denver left the decision approximately listeners, running virtual polls. Roughly 95 percent of voters in the Colorado poll elected to store “Baby, that Cold Outside” top top air.

And the debate proceeds to show up on society media threads and in tower inches. Rochelle Riley, a columnist for the Detroit complimentary Press, suggests to let the track play: “We don"t need guys to censor songs on the radio as if women space helpless. Us need men to not believe they have a best to sexual attack or harassment because it"s the way it"s been done.”

Listeners in Cedar Rapids hear the Academy Award-winning cut about four time a day, stated Ferris. More 104.1 brand manager Scott Allen no share how countless times the terminal plays the song daily, yet explained that in a secondary tier that rotation, acquiring fewer spins contrasted to staples such as “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” and also “It’s start To look A Lot prefer Christmas.”

More 104.1, an adult modern-day station managed by the Des Moines Radio Group, switched Nov. 12 to vacation formatting, with plans of keeping the seasonal playlist through Christmas.

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Allen claimed he’s received an “overwhelming” number of calls and also emails native listeners asking to keep the tune on air, reaffirming a decision to store the song. More 104.1 very first began vacation programming around a te ago.

"I think that our job is to offer the audience that decided to pick us together their station, especially during this time the year," Allen said. “Our setup is come stick v it, based upon their feedback."