Every year around 500 students acquire a perfect score top top the SAT. How many questions have the right to you acquire wrong and also still be among this elite group? uncover out right here in a complete break down ofthe Math and also Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections throughout eight main SAT practice tests.

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How Is the satellite Scored?

To understand how countless questions girlfriend can gain wrong and still attain a perfect 1600, you need to understand exactly how the check is scored. I"ll give a brief an overview here, but if you"re interested in more details around the scoring process, inspect out ourguide onhow to calculate sat score.

For the whole test, you get one allude for correct answers, and you receive zero points for a dorn answer and also questions skipped. because you’re not penalized because that wrong answers, skipping or comment a question incorrectly results in the very same score.

NOTE:The essay is not factored right into your composite satellite score (400-1600 scale), therefore I will not discuss it more in this article. However, for more information on the brand-new SAT essay, check out our various other guide.

To calculate your Math section, you begin by calculating a life score, i m sorry is just the variety of questions answered appropriately (if girlfriend answered 50 correctly, her raw score is 50).

For the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section, you start by calculating two raw scores: one because that the Reading section and one because that the Writing and Language portion. Simply as in the mathematics section, the raw scores are just the number of questions answered correctly.

For both sections, each life score is climate converted right into a scaled score — the specific conversion different by test date. However, the university Board provides this instance chart intheir SAT exercise testas an estimate:


Let"s go through how the scoring functions for each ar in a bit an ext depth.For Math, the life to scaled score switch is very simple. let’s say you miss out on two inquiries (you acquired 56 correct the end of 58 questions); your raw score will certainly be a 56. Friend then uncover the corresponding scaled score for math on the chart, i beg your pardon is 790. Your Math ar score would be a 790.

For Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, the switch is a little an ext complicated due to the fact that you get two life scores. If girlfriend missed three inquiries in analysis (got 49 the 52 correct), your raw score would certainly be 49. If you missed ten concerns in composing (got 34 that 44 correct), your raw score would certainly be 34. Girlfriend then uncover the corresponding scaled score because that each that those sections:

Next, you add together the two separate scaled scores and multiply by 10 to acquire your Evidence-Based Reading and also Writing ar score.

Your Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section score would be 700.Now stop get back to the initial question.

Exactly How many Questions have the right to You acquire Wrong or Skip and Still acquire a 1600?

Since the scores ~ above the individual sections room simply included together to develop your composite sat score, you should score 800 on the two sections (Math and also Evidence-Based Reading and also Writing) to get a score the 1600.

In the chart below, I have analyzed eight main SAT score charts and also determined the number of questions friend can obtain wrong or skip ~ above each component of the test because that an 800 in the section. These main practice satellite were created by the same human being who compose actual SATs. This means they"re a good resource for evaluation because you have the right to be sure they"ll be very comparable to the satellite you take it on test day.

NOTE: due to the fact that you’re not penalized for wrong answers, omitted vs. Answering a question incorrectly results in the very same score.

Number of inquiries You Can obtain Wrong in each Section and Still get a Perfect Score

Test 10101
Test 20000
Test 30101
Test 41001
Test 50011
Test 60101
Test 70000
Test 81001

Typically, to obtain an 800 in Math, you cannot miss any type of questions because you require to acquire a life score that 58 (out that 58 questions). Occasionally, an sat will enable you to get one dorn answer in Math together you can see on test 4 and also 8. However, I would certainly not count on that, together it is no the norm. If you"re aiming because that 1600, strive for perfection in Math.

To acquire an 800 in Evidence-Based Reading and also Writing, you can not get any type of questions dorn on the Writing and Reading portions. Occasionally, an sat will enable you to obtain one wrong or to skip one together you can see on tests 1, 3 and 5 because that the reading section, or check 5 for the composing section. However, similar to Math, that is no the norm. If you"re aiming for 1600, prepare to get zero dorn in Evidence-Based Reading and Writing.

Overall, top top the SAT, you must aim to obtain no inquiries wrong if you want a perfect score.This is no easy feat, however it is possible. After all, about 500 students execute it every year!

What does This average If You"reTrying to obtain a 1600?

You have to make certain that girlfriend can complete the whole test in the allotted time since you can not afford to skip or miss any kind of questions.

For Math, you should be usually perfect. You have the right to see, v my analysis, on six out that eight math sections, you cannot get any questions dorn if you want an 800.

For Evidence-Based Reading and also Writing, you likewise need to be usually perfect. On three out the eight reading portions, you could get one wrong and still gain 800, but you can’t rely on having actually that opportunity. On 7 out of eight creating sections, you can not get any kind of questions not correct if you want an 800.

What"s Next?

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