The press Up: Push-ups measure up the endurance of the chest, shoulder, and also triceps muscles. Girlfriend will have 2 minute in which to execute as countless push-ups together you can. If they room done incorrectly, as deemed by the instructor, her push-up will not count. In bespeak to perform them efficiently, v no penalties, right here are some key points to remember:

Keep your body in a right line from shoulders come ankles.Your feet might be together or as much as 12 inch apartLower your whole body (as a unit) till your top arms space at least parallel come the groundExtend her arms completely when raising earlier up come the beginning position.

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If you fail to execute a single push-up through the standards set in the bulleted perform above, the repetition will certainly not count.

Once the test has actually begun, you might make a mistake in your an initial 10 push-ups, in i beg your pardon the scorer will avoid you, tell girlfriend what you are doing wrong and send you to the back of the line for re-testing. ~ the an initial 10 push-ups have actually been counted as correct, you have no restarts.

The ONLY permitted rest place is one altered, front-leaning place where girlfriend sag in the center or flex your back. However, you might not flex your back in such a method that you are supporting most of your body weight with your legs. If this happens, your test will certainly be terminated. You might NOT remainder on the soil or raise your hands or feet indigenous the ground. If girlfriend do, her test will certainly be terminated. Her hands and feet might be repositioned throughout the test, as long as they remain in contact with the ground transparent the test.

After a correct rest-period, you have to return to the correct beginning position before proceeding.

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AGE GROUP17-2122-2627-3132-3637-4142-4647-5152-5657-6162+
MAXIMUM 100%71747775736659565350
MINIMUM 60%42403936343025201816

AGE GROUP17-2122-2627-3132-3637-4142-4647-5152-5657-6162+
MAXIMUM 100%42465045403734312825
MINIMUM 60%19171715131210987

To watch how plenty of points every push-up you will certainly receive, based on your age group, click here.


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