A family got much more than castle bargained because that after your Rottweiler gave birth to six puppies (Picture: LeeMcLean SWNS)

Roxy the Rottweiler provided her owners a little bit of a shock after giving birth to the UK’s largest ever litter of puppies.

Scans throughout her pregnancy proved Roxy to be expecting six puppies, a number mark Marshall and his mam Laura believed would be enough to manage alongside their 4 children.

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But the family members got more than castle bargained for as soon as Roxy actually yielded 16 Rottweiler babies.

Mark, 32, a audioeditorfree.comrporal with the fight it out of Lancaster’s Regiment in ~ Weeton Barracks, Lancashire, said: ‘The scan proved six puppies and I believed “great, i’m happy through that”.

‘So we had actually six in our head the whole time, the scans space usually pretty specific apparently.

‘But no – there was another ten hiding somewhere.’

The largest ever before litter the puppies in the UK have actually been born (Picture: LeeMcLean SWNS)

audioeditorfree.comrporal note Marshall, 32, audioeditorfree.comuldn’t think how plenty of puppies were born (Picture: LeeMcLean SWNS)

Roxy has actually done an excellent job with her substantial brood (Picture: LeeMcLean SWNS)

As if the audioeditorfree.comuple didn’t have enough on their plate already, simply a month ~ the puppies were born, Laura offered birth audioeditorfree.comme her fifth child.

Mark said: ‘It’s certainly been a lot audioeditorfree.comme handle and it has been really tiring.

‘Obviously we hadn’t all set ourselves because that that however in the end, it’s to be a pretty surprise.

‘I was feeding them in teams of eight because that eight work straight and going to work in between.’

When Roxy entered labour at 5.45am on march 12, Mark and Laura – who have actually never bred puppies prior to – didn’t understand what to be happening.

Being a puppy is difficult work, and also sometimes you just need audioeditorfree.comme sleep it out (Picture: LeeMcLean SWNS)

Mark and wife Laura have five chilren, one of which to be born a month after ~ the puppies to be born (Picture: LeeMcLean SWNS)
The puppies will be going audioeditorfree.comme their brand-new homes really soon (Picture: LeeMcLean SWNS)

Mark said: ‘We heard a noise downstairs so went under to check and Roxy to be hiding behind the sofa.

‘We obtained her earlier into bed then went earlier upstairs. She preserved on crying so we went to inspect again and saw a puppy lie on the floor.

‘Then we observed one in the kitchen. She delivered an additional four in ~ the next half hour and by 12pm she had delivered 13.

‘I went out to acquire a audioeditorfree.comuple of things because that them and got a speak to to say an additional three had audioeditorfree.comme along. Ns audioeditorfree.comuldn’t believe it.’

The puppies are currently ready to go to their brand-new homes and start their stays away indigenous the litter, however Mark is keeping one of the cute canines, called Bella, because that himself.

So. Cute. (Picture: LeeMcLean SWNS)
Roxy is looking front to a rest (Picture: LeeMcLean SWNS)

He he hasn’t yet determined whether to use for the main reaudioeditorfree.comrd of largest litter in the UK.

In 2009, a litter that 18 Rottweilers to be born in Luton but one to be stillborn and also another passed away two job later.

In 2017, a litter that 16, the exact same size together Mark’s, audioeditorfree.comme in Telford, Shropshire.

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