What us want

The abolition of the usage of private prisons and also detention centers by state and local governments. These means individuals that are detained or incarcerated will certainly not be hosted in a privately owned or operated facility. The federal government should no contract the end correctional or detention operations and instead ensure federal government oversight and responsibility for the fine being of people within the correction system.

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Private prison Companies

Two private companies have actually contracts v the state federal government to run detention centers and correctional framework in Georgia:

CoreCivic, previously Corrections corporation of America (CCA)North Georgia Detention Center in Gainesville, GAJenkins Facility in Millen, GAStewart Detention Center in Lumpkin, GAWheeler Correctional Facility in Alamo, GAMcRae Correctional Facility in McRae, GACoffee Correctional Facility in Nicholls, GA


The GEO team Inc.Riverbend Correctional Facility in Milledgeville, GARobert A. Deyton Detention Facility in Lovejoy, GAD. Beam James Detention Facility in Folkston, GA


Reasons for Reform

Private prison companies throughout the nation have a long background of significant problems, including medical negligence, sexual and physical abuse of people in their facilities, violent riots, and also deaths. When a federal government privatizes a service, the stated goal is to conserve money and also maintain the very same level of, if no better, service. The is no what happens with personal corrections companies favor CoreCivic (formerly CCA) and the GEO team which operate in Georgia.

No one need to profit indigenous putting civilization in cages.”

Private corrections companies are basically profit-driven together corporations that trade publicly ~ above the share market. They look for to maximize profits, cut costs, and find means to keep growing. “That’s just business,” right? When human being welfare is involved, this becomes a problem. Prison should not it is in a business and also no one must profit native putting human being in cages.

We must seek the shrinking that the righteousness system and also our state’s corrections population, not that is expansion. These exclusive contracts provide a details amount of taxpayer money from the federal government for every individual in your facility. Companies make an ext money for each bed the is full.

A cruel economic situation of range is at play – more prisoners method greater performance which turns right into even much more profit because that the stockholders.People end up being profit. Carriers will not advantage by helping world rehabilitate and also get the end faster. They will certainly not advantage from world never returning to prison. However, lock will benefit every time someone’s sentence is prolonged or as soon as someone is re-incarcerated.

Another reality of these carriers is that correctional officer employees are not payment well and also are regularly insufficiently qualified and also trained, however they room in control of and also responsible for dozens if not hundreds of lives, ~ above a day-to-day basis.

Private facilities additionally often usage prison labor to generate revenue and also provide tiny to no wages. The Georgia correctional mechanism does no guarantee any kind of compensation for jail labor. The minimum wage because that prison job is zero. We additionally need to resolve the absence of fair wages in state facilities. In this context, it method private service providers are winning contract for servant labor detailed by the state.

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The Solution? Shrink the System

We understand that human being incarceration is expensive and also inefficient. Therefore, us recommend the Georgia state government and local jurisdictions seek means to alleviate the size of their corrections populace and incarceration rates instead of handing the problem off come the personal sector. We have actually recommendations for how to attain that elsewhere in our platform.