Sleep soundly. We"ll be up all night.

In our establishments located about the country, we job-related throughout the night to store you safe.

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The majority of ours employees work-related at among our 122 prisons (we contact them, "institutions") located throughout the Nation. They are operated in ~ five various security levels in order come confine offenders in an ideal manner. Protection levels are based upon such attributes as the presence of exterior patrols, towers, protection barriers, or detection devices; the form of housing within the institution; interior security features; and also the staff-to-inmate ratio. Infrastructure are designated together either minimum, low, medium, high, or administrative; and facilities with different security level that space in close proximity to each other are known as prison complexes. Learn more about every prison kind below.

Minimum protection institutions, additionally known as federal Prison Camps (FPCs), have actually dormitory housing, a relatively low staff-to-inmate ratio, and restricted or no perimeter fencing. These organizations are work- and program-oriented.

A variety of institutions have a small, minimum protection camp surrounding to the main facility. This camps, frequently referred to as Satellite prison Camps (SCPs), provide inmate labor to the main institution and also to off-site occupational programs.

List all "Minimum Security" facilities

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bureaucratic facilities are establishments with one-of-a-kind missions, such together the detention of pretrial offenders; the treatment of inmates with significant or chronic clinical problems; or the containment of very dangerous, violent, or escape-prone inmates. Administrative facilities incorporate Metropolitan Correctional Centers (MCCs), urban Detention Centers (MDCs), federal Detention Centers (FDCs), Federal clinical Centers (FMCs), the commonwealth Transfer facility (FTC), the Medical facility for Federal prisoners (MCFP), and also the Administrative-Maximum protection Penitentiary (ADX). Administrative facilities, other than the ADX, are capable of hold inmates in all security categories.