Ohio has an incarceration price of 659 per 100,000 human being (including prisons, jails, immigrant detention, and also juvenile righteousness facilities), an interpretation that it locks increase a greater percentage the its civilization than nearly any democracy ~ above earth. Check out on come learn much more about who is incarcerated in Ohio and also why.

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79,000 civilization from Ohio room behind bars


Additionally, the variety of people affected by county and city jails in Ohio is much bigger than the graph above would suggest, because people cycle through local jails relatively quickly. Each year, at the very least 150,000 different people are booked right into local jails in Ohio.

Rates the imprisonment have actually grown substantially in the last 40 years

Also watch these Ohio graphs:


Today, Ohio’s incarceration rates stand out internationally

In the U.S., incarceration extends past prisons and local jails to encompass other equipment of confinement. The U.S. And also state incarceration rates in this graph include world held by these various other parts the the justice system, therefore they may be slightly greater than the frequently reported incarceration prices that only incorporate prisons and jails. Details ~ above the data are easily accessible in states of Incarceration: The global Context. We additionally have a version of this graph focusing on the incarceration the women.

People of color are overrepresented in prisons and jails



See likewise our comprehensive graphs about Whites, Hispanics, and also Blacks in Ohio prisons and jails.

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Ohio"s criminal justice system is much more than simply its prisons and also jails


Data on COVID-19 in Ohio jails and also prisons

We provided Ohio a failing grade in September 2021 because that its solution to the coronavirus in prisons, noting that:

Ohio is one of 13 states
the did not explicitly mention incarcerated world in their vaccination rollout plan, and also is one of 15 prison systems that has actually not however vaccinated an ext than 60% the the incarcerated population.Ohio is one the 15 jail systems that does not have a plan making hand sanitizer widely obtainable or providing complimentary hygiene commodities — like soap — come incarcerated people.

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