Delaware has an incarceration rate of 631 every 100,000 people (including prisons, jails, immigration detention, and also juvenile justice facilities), an interpretation that it locks increase a greater percentage the its people than virtually any democracy top top earth. Read on to learn an ext about who is incarcerated in Delaware and why.

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Jump come COVID-19 data.

7,000 civilization from Delaware space behind bars


Rates of imprisonment have actually grown significantly in the last 40 years

Also see these Delaware graphs:

Today, Delaware’s incarceration rates stand the end internationally

In the U.S., incarceration extends beyond prisons and also local jails to encompass other equipment of confinement. The U.S. And also state incarceration prices in this graph include human being held by these other parts of the justice system, therefore they might be slightly higher than the frequently reported incarceration rates that only include prisons and also jails. Details top top the data are available in claims of Incarceration: The an international Context. We also have a version of this graph concentrating on the incarceration that women.

People of shade are overrepresented in prisons and jails



See also our detailed graphs around Whites and also Blacks in Delaware prisons.

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Delaware"s criminal justice device is an ext than just its prisons


Data top top COVID-19 in Delaware jails and also prisons

We gave Delaware a failing class in September 2021 for its an answer to the coronavirus in prisons, noting that:

Delaware is among 15 jail systems
the does not have actually a plan making hand sanitizer widely accessible or providing free hygiene commodities — favor soap — come incarcerated people.Delaware failed come utilize one of the many obvious, and also easiest, devices for to reduce the prison populace — stopping jail admissions for technical violations that probation and parole (which are not crimes).

For much more detail, check out our report claims of Emergency. Or inspect out these various other resources: