California’s prison populace has stabilized.Since 2017, California’s institutional prison population has hovered at around 115,000 inmates—just listed below the supreme Court mandated target of 137.5% of architecture capacity—the number of prisoners the device was constructed to house. However, 13 of the 35 state-owned framework individually operate past that capacity. About 15,000 extr inmates space not counted in the institutional population because they room housed in camps or in one of the eight contract framework that the state does not own. 4 contract infrastructure are privately operated; three are publicly operated by the cities of Delano, Shafter, and Taft; one is privately owned yet operated by the California department of Corrections and also Rehabilitation. By June 2019, all of the prisoners previously housed out of state—more than 10,000 in 2011—had been changed to infrastructure in California.

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Many detainees still live in overcrowded prisons


SOURCE: California department of corrections Monthly populace Reports.

NOTES: Inmates housed in ~ the California Health treatment Facility and women housed at Folsom State jail are stood for in 2018, however not in 2011 since neither facility was operational then. The can be fried Court mandated target uses systemwide, not to separation, personal, instance prisons.

African Americans stay overrepresented in California’s prison population.In 2017, the year of most recent data, 28.5% the the state’s male prisoners were african American—compared to simply 5.6% that the state’s adult male residents. The imprisonment rate for afri American guys is 4,236 per 100,000 people—ten times the imprisonment rate for white men, i m sorry is 422 per 100,000. For Latino men, the imprisonment rate is 1,016 per 100,000; for men of other races that is 314. Afri American ladies are additionally overrepresented. That the state’s 5,849 female prisoners, 25.9% are African American—only 5.7% that the state’s adult female citizens are. Afri American women are imprisoned in ~ a price of 171 every 100,000—more than 5 times the imprisonment price of white women, i beg your pardon is 30 every 100,000. Imprisonment rates for Latino women and women of various other races are 38 and 14 every 100,000, respectively.Foreign-born Californians are less likely to it is in imprisoned.Most inmates in California to be born in the united States—81.4%, more than the 65.4% of adult US-born Californians. Through contrast, simply 13.5% of the state’s prison population was born in an additional country (5.1% that inmates space of unknown national origin), when California’s adult immigrant population is 34.6%. Among prison inmates, 8.6% to be born in Mexico and 3.7% were born in various other countries. In California overall, 13.2% adult citizens were born in Mexico, and 21.5% to be born in other countries.The prison population is aging—and health care costs room on the rise. Between 2000 and 2017, the re-publishing of prisoners period 50 or older much more than quintupled, indigenous 4% to 23%. During the very same time period, the ratio of prisoners younger than period 25 halved, indigenous 20% to 10%. The median male prisoner is now practically 40 years old. The mean female prisoner is contempt younger, at 38. Aging prisoners might be contributing to California’s prison health care costs—now highest in the nation. The state invested $19,796 per inmate ~ above health care in fiscal year 2015, follow to the Pew charity Trusts. These expenses were more than three times the nationwide average and 25% much more than in 2010.Many jail inmates serve decades—or more—before gift released.Many the California’s prisoners—about 55,000—will be released after they serve about half of your 4-year sentences. But the majority will it is in imprisoned for much longer. About 33,000 inmates are “second strikers,” around 9,000 the whom are released every year after serving around 3.5 years. Another 7,000 space “third strikers,” fewer 보다 100 the whom are released every year after serving around 17 years. Approximately 33,000 inmates space serving sentence of life or life without parole. Fewer than 1,000 of these inmates room released every year, typically after spending 2 or an ext decades behind bars.Most prisoners have current or previous convictions because that violent or severe crimes.The most typical crimes that resulted in imprisonment in 2017 affiliated assault, weapons, or robbery, all of which are serious and violent crimes. In addition, 91% of every prisoners had criminal records that consisted of convictions for violent or major crimes. Eighty percent of all inmates to be admitted to prison after being convicted of such a crime.

Half that the detainees admitted in 2017 to be convicted of an assault, robbery, or tools charge


SOURCE: California department of correction Offender Data Points together of December 31, 2017.

NOTES: strikes include assault, battery, and attempted murder. Homicides encompass murder, manslaughter, and vehicular manslaughter. Many admissions for drug crimes are concerned sales and manufacturing. Sex crimes encompass rape, kid molestation, indecent exposure, and also failure to register as a sex offender. Many other residential property crimes room theft related, including fraud, motor automobile theft, petty theft, and also grand larceny, yet property offenses also include crimes such as extortion and vandalism. Various other crimes incorporate arson, escape, hit and run, reckless driving, and stalking.

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Sources: California department of correction Monthly populace Reports; California department of corrections Offender Data Points together of December 31, 2017; United claims Census Bureau: American community Survey, 2017.