as of might 2021, the unified States had the highest possible prisoner rate, with 639 detainees per 100,000 the the national population. El Salvador, Turkmenistan, Thailand, and Palau rounded out the top five countries with the greatest rate of incarceration.Prisoners in the united StatesThe United states is not just the country with the highest possible incarceration rate worlwide, yet it is additionally home come the largest variety of prisoners. About 2.12 million civilization were incarcerated in the U.S. In 2020. In China, the approximated prison population totaled to 1.71 million human being that year. Other countries had far fewer prisoners.The largest share of the U.S. Detainees in commonwealth correctional framework were that African-American origin. Together of 2018, over there were almost 409,600 black, non-Hispanic prisoners, compared to 394,800 white, non-hispanic inmates. The U.S. Claims with the largest number of prisoners in 2019 to be Texas, California and also Florida.About 176,300 prisoners in state infrastructure were sentenced because that drug-related offenses, such as trafficking and possession. Drug-related offenses were the many common reason of imprisonment in state prisons. Second most typical were felonies, such as murder and also robbery.

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nations with the largest variety of prisoners every 100,000 the the national population, as of might 2021

CharacteristicNumber of prisoners per 100,000 population
United States639
El Salvador 562
Turkmenistan 552
Palau 522
Rwanda 511
Cuba 510
Maldives 499
Virgin islands (UK)447
Thailand 443
Bahamas 442
Panama 420
Grenada 413
Guam (U.S.)411
Virgin islands (U.S.)394
St. Kitts and Nevis 393
Costa Rica 374
St. Vincent and also the Grenadines 369
Anguilla (UK)367
Brazil 357
Belarus 345
American Samoa (U.S.)345
Uruguay 337
Turkey 335
Nicaragua 332
Russian Federation 330
Seychelles 324
Northern Mariana islands (U.S.)313
Cayman archipelago (UK)312
Belize 307
Antigua and Barbuda 302

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