WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 04: U.S. President Donald trump delivers the State that the Union address ... <+> in the house chamber ~ above February 4, 2020 in Washington, DC. Trumped is transferring his 3rd State of the Union attend to on the night prior to the U.S. Senate is set to poll in his impeachment trial. (Photo by Leah Millis-Pool/Getty Images)

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The president of the joined States renders $400,000 annually, before taxes. Throughout his 2016 campaign, Donald trump card promised to donate his value if elected President. It was a promise, even his movie critics acknowledge, the Trump was keeping.

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The presidential salary is a need of the U.S. Constitution in write-up II, section 1, Clause 7 and the certain amount is collection by Congress. Presidents are not legally allowed to decrease their salary, however can donate that to establishments of your choosing.

Trump is the first president because John F. Kennedy come donate his salary. Both john F. Kennedy and also Herbert Hoover donated your presidential salaries to charitable causes. According to conference records, George Washington initially decreased his $25,000 salary, but Congress wouldn’t let him.

Trump’s first-quarter 2017 salary donation come the national Park business was for $78,333, most likely his take-home pay after taxes. The Park business said an cotton donor provided $22,000 to ring the donation as much as $100,000.

In subsequent push events, trumped presented an individual checks for an even $100,000, describe he to be dipping right into his own an individual finances to make up the distinction himself.

President trump donated at least $1.4 million the the $1.6 million he earned together president to various federal agencies. Still in question, however, room the donations for the 3rd and fourth quarters the 2020. Our auditors in ~ OpenTheBooks.com confirmed fourteen of sixteen quarterly donations over 4 years.

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We got to out come Trump’s spokesman to discover out the details. We’ll upgrade the piece if and when they administer any new information on the third and 4th quarter donations.

In 2017, president Trump gave:

Q1: $78,333 to the department of Interior’s national Park service (NPS) for maintain backlog at historical battlefields. Special, the donation go to gain back the Newcomer home on the Antietam battlefield and also for the instead of of its deteriorated rail fencing.

Q2: $100,000 come the room of education and learning to hold a free, two-week room camp for 30 low-income, center school girls. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos got a $100,000 inspect in 2017, and announced a year later that the President’s donation had doubled the an are camp’s participants.

Q3: $100,000 to the room of Health and Human solutions (HHS) because that “the planning and design of a large-scale public awareness campaign around the dangers of opioid addiction.”

Q4: $100,000 come the department of transport to support its programs to “rebuild and also modernize our crumbling infrastructure.”

In 2018, president Trump gave:

Q1: $100,000 to the Veteran’s administration for “caregiver assistance in the form of psychological health and also peer support programs, gaue won aid, education and learning training, and research.”

Q2: $100,000 come the small Business management earmarked for a seven-month training regimen tailored for veteran entrepreneurs.

Q3: $100,000 come the nationwide Institutes that Health’s nationwide Institute top top Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Trump’s brother passed away of alcoholism-related causes at the period of 43.

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Q4: $100,000 to the room of countryside Security. Trump tweeted, “While the press doesn’t choose writing about it, nor execute I need them to, i donate mine yearly Presidential salary of $400,000.00 to different agencies throughout the year, this come Homeland Security. If ns didn’t execute it there would be hell to salary from the FAKE NEWS MEDIA!”

In 2019, chairman Trump gave:

Q1: $100,000 come the U.S. Department of agriculture to be “used for outreach programs that benefit farmers<.>”

Q2: $100,000 come the department of Health and also Human Services’ Office of the surgeon General. The chairman tweeted, “I donate 100% of mine President’s salary, $400,000, earlier to ours Country, and feel very great about it!”

Q3: $100,000 to the HHS Office the the Assistant Secretary of wellness to “the continuous fight versus the opioid crisis.”

Q4: $100,000 come HHS, Office of the Assistant Secretary of wellness to “confront, contain, and combat #Coronavirus<.>”

In 2020, president Trump gave:

Q1: $100,000 to HHS to “develop brand-new therapies for treating and also preventing COVID-19 so the we have the right to safely reopen.”

Q2: $100,000 come the NPS in July 2020 to aid pay because that repairs on nationwide monuments. “I promised friend I would certainly not take a dime that salary together your President,” trumped tweeted. “I donate the whole $400,000! it is my respect to give $100,000 come
NatlParkService to help repair and restore our an excellent National Monuments. So necessary to our American History! say thanks to You!!”


Alexander Hamilton in the Federalist No. 73, explains the will for the President’s salary and also its inability to it is in modified when the president is in office.

audioeditorfree.com: defines how the President deserve to write off his donations.

Politifact: acknowledges Trump’s take-no-salary pledge to be a “promise kept.”


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