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Any future White residence hopeful or American history buff is bound to ask which university claims the many U.S. Presidents as alumni? the end of all the plenty of prestigious universities, i m sorry of them produced the most U.S presidents? you probably likewise wondering how countless presidents saw Ivy league schools. Well, here’s everything you’ll want to understand as you effort to monitor in the footsteps of some of the world’s biggest leaders!


8. University of north Carolina in ~ Chapel Hill

The 11th president of the joined States, James K. Polk, was the just president to have attended the university of phibìc Carolina in ~ Chapel Hill. The excelled considerably in his studies, and today several of the campus is named after him. The is most famed for broadening the size of the country.

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9. Georgetown University

While many U.S presidents attended Harvard and also Yale, there space a couple of other colleges that they walk to, and also vice presidents. Plenty of went to little private schools, such as Williams College, Amherst, and also Bowdoin. Georgetown is nine in line once it comes to which university claims the many U.S. Presidents as alumni.

Bill Clinton attended Georgetown college for his undergraduate degree, before continuing his studies at Yale law School and also Oxford. Lyndon B. Johnson, the vice president who offered under john F. Kennedy, also attended Georgetown Law, yet dropped out.

10. University Of Virginia

Not one U.S president i graduated from the college of Virginia — however, number of were component of its founding. Thomas Jefferson to be responsible because that the Charlottesville, Virginia college in 1819 after completing 2 terms together president that the joined States. Jefferson, Madison and Monroe were likewise some that the an initial to offer on the board of the college of Virginia.

Woodrow Wilson likewise attended the university of Virginia after that for law school, however left there is no graduating. Former vice president and also U.S. City council Alben Barkley i graduated from law school below in 1900.

How numerous Presidents went to Ivy league Schools?

There room 12 Ivy organization schools in the United says that are considered to it is in the best, but think it or not, over there are numerous presidents the didn’t walk to Ivy organization schools. Of the 44 males who offered as president, just 16 the them graduated from Ivy organization schools, and only 32 of them graduated from university overall.

There room 9 presidents that never ever attended college whatsoever, consisting of George Washington, Andrew Jackson, Martin van Buren, Zachary Taylor, Millard Fillmore, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Grover Cleveland, and also Harry Truman.

Only approximately three-quarters that U.S. Presidents attend college. In fact, there space no educational requirements to end up being president. The United claims Constitution claims that there space three needs in order to be eligible for presidency: that they room U.S. Born, have actually lived in the U.S. For at the very least 14 years, and also are end 35 year old. There are no educational requirements.

Nonetheless, presidential alumni do for invaluable assets to promote any university, and for any kind of presidential hopeful, they will certainly surely want to follow in the footsteps of their great leaders.

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When it involves which university insurance claims the many U.S. Presidents as alumni, Harvard college takes the yellow medal, responsible because that the education and learning of 8 different U.S. Presidents.