10 years ago Wedding: October 2012

Im somwhat confused, first…about how countless pounds carry out you think provides you go under a size….example: 10 pounds lost would be about 1 dress dimension smaller? and then…. Is walk from allows say a dimension 16/18 come a 14/16 one or two dress sizes??? Thanks!

10 years ago Wedding: in march 2012

Depends on her height. I’m 5′ even and also 5lb is one pant size. That would barely do a difference on someone 5’6.

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10 years earlier Wedding: October 2012

it’s about8 lbs in between jean sizes (for me) I’m 5’7

16/18 come 14/16 is one dress dimension (16 to a 14)

at least that’s exactly how I think of it.


10 years ago Wedding: July 2012

Take a look in ~ the “what dimension dress what weight/height” thread (you’ll need to search because that it) It has hundreds of responses and also you have the right to compare you yourself to others in similar heights.

10 years ago Wedding: June 2012

I’d say in between 5 & 10 pounds depending on height, frame, and also body type.

10 years ago Wedding: November 1999

For me it’s 10-15, yet I have huge hips to start with therefore its harder come go down sizes!

10 years back

It’s so spatu it’s hard to say. A lot of it counts on your body kind and how you carry weight.

10 years back Wedding: September 2012

usually about 7-10 for me, however it relies on whereby you’re starting. Are you at the low finish of 16/18? if so, climate 5lbs could be sufficient to placed you in 14/16. If you’re in ~ the greater end, then it will more than likely take more. Together an example, i went from 165 come 125, a 40 lb loss, and also that took me native a dimension 12/14 come a 4/6. Currently i hover approximately 130, and i’m quiet in the 4/6 range, so the 5lbs hasn’t thrust me as much as the next size range.

10 years back Wedding: September 2010

It depends on your height and also body type.

I’m 6’1″ and it takes about 20 pounds because that me to go up or under a dress size.

10 years earlier Wedding: November 1999

I agree the it’s yes, really subjective due to the fact that we are all different heights and also carry load differently. I’m 5’5″ and carry my weight in mine hips, therefore 5 lbs might be a pant size for me, however probably no for tops.

10 years back Wedding: June 2012

I’m 5’6″ and also in kind shape. 5lbs is the difference between sizes for me (e.g. 130 = 4, 125 = 2, 120 = 0).

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10 years ago Wedding: September 2013

For me, it’s end 30lbs. I have lost over 60lbs and have only gone down 2 sizes. Again, it all counts on her weight and also ratios. You must measure yourself, no look at the scale. Because often the range wont move, however your inch will.

10 years ago Wedding: respectable 2014

I am 5’1 and also lost around 30 pounds, and also went down 3 sizes, therefore that equals 10 lbs because that 1 size. Compare that to
techie who is about my height and also says 5 lbs = 1 dimension for her. It really does depend on her body type. And for reference, ns went native a dimension 4/6 come a size 00. I count that as 3 sizes (4–>2–>0–>00)

10 years ago Wedding: September 2013

I should add that ns went from a 16 to a 12 and also I’m short. So, overweight. I shed most that my weight in mine legs, arms, hips, and also chest. I rarely shed from mine stomach. So while my tops are much more loose, they aren’t about the stomach and also my pants continued to be the exact same till I shed a the majority of weight.