ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The Albuquerque Police room is no the only agency dealing with an officer shortage. Now, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is putting a brand-new focus on crime together she calls because that a 1,000 new officers statewide.

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Thirty-five new Mexico State Police police officers are currently hitting the ground running in Albuquerque – targeting highways and also people through warrants. It’s component of a new effort to help APD tackle violent crime.

Lujan Grisham stated it likewise calls fist to a serious trouble – there are not sufficient officers.

“Number one, there space not enough law enforcement officers consisting of in the State Police, right?” Lujan Grisham said.


State police worked to curb crime in Albuquerque in 2019. 50 State Police police officers were affiliated in that effort – this time it's 35 officers.“We're not too staffed as we to be in 2019. So we're down quite a few officers, i m sorry we'll work difficult to get our numbers back up,” said brand-new Mexico State Police cook Tim Johnson.Johnson said there are a variety of factors at play. He stated the critical year and half has been extremely hard on his police officers – through COVID-19 and also the nationwide calls for police reform.“Since in march of critical year, ns don’t know that legislation enforcement in general, yet I understand the department of Public safety and security and an ext specifically, State Police, has actually probably had actually the worst year in the background of this organization,” Johnson said.Lujan Grisham stated they have actually plans to deal with that in the next legislative session. The governor will certainly be asking for $100 million because that 1,000 an ext officers throughout the state – because that multiple departments.“A sizeable request so that we can get 1,000 officers and have a strategy to get that done together quickly and also efficiently together you can,” Lujan Grisham said.

A couple of weeks ago, the governor made it clear the she wanteda solid focus on gaining a public safety and security package happen in the upcoming 30-day legislative session in January.

Republican lawmakers representing the metro have said they're ready to pertained to the table. Thegovernor is ready for the potential pushback from she own democratic party.

"I really want brand-new Mexico come buck these trends, come come together,and I'm no Pollyanna, i don't think it's basic in this environment, and I won't obtain every democratic legislator who agrees with our $100 million, ns am sure, for police officers and also law enforcement. There's $100 million they'd choose to check out go squarely by chin to education, it's no in lieu of, it's in addition to," claimed Lujan Grisham.

The Bernalillo ar Sheriff’s Office is in reality doing pretty an excellent with hiring. A BCSO spokesperson called 4 they have actually 315 deputies work -- which makes them 97% staffed. There are likewise 19 cadets in the academy.

However, recruiting is a different challenge. BCSO said they started testing in April for the feather 2022 academy.

Out that the 130 candidates who at first applied, just 17 space still in the background process.

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BCSO officials stated it bring away at the very least a year to hire and train a deputy if they can pass a elevator investigation.