Earlier this week, Cullman Police chief Kenny Culpepper orders protesters earlier from the street after breaking up a shouting match in between them and also counterprotesters, who had currently been relocated away. Cullman protests have remained cost-free of violence. (W.C. Mann because that The Cullman Tribune)

UNITED STATES – The riots that have followed many peaceful protests throughout the country over the last several days have actually resulted in numerous dollars in damage and an ext than 9,000 arrests. Lock have likewise led come the deaths of at least two regulation enforcement officers and also injuries to more than 400 others. The unrest was sparked by the fatality of George Floyd, one African-American male who passed away after being taken into custody by the Minneapolis Police might 25, 2020.

Incidents include:

Albany, NY – police officer fight by a brick on might 30; treated and released Asbury Park, NJ – police officer struggle by a absent on June 1; condition unknownAtlanta, GA – police officer Maximilian Brewer struck by one ATV on may 30; recovering from surgeryBoston, MA – seven police officers suffered unspecified injuries; conditions unknownBrockton, MA – state trooper and also multiple police police officers hit by bottles and rocks on June 2; problems unknownBuffalo, NY – Buffalo officer and two state troopers win by vehicles ~ above June 1, one of those troopers operation over and suffered significant injuries; problems unknownChampaign, IL – multiple officers suffered unspecified young injuries on might 31Columbia, SC – three Richland ar Sheriff’s deputies and also 12 Columbia officers suffered unspecified minor injuries on may 30Chicago – 132 officers suffered unspecified injuries in multiple occurrences over the weekend v Monday, June 1. One officer was seriously hurt with broken bones on may 30.Davenport, IA – undercover officer in unmarked car shot in ambush on June 1; condition unknownDenver, CO – three police officers struck by a automobile in a hit-and-run incident on may 30; two have been exit from the hospital, problem of the third unknown Harrisburg, PA – two Pennsylvania Capitol Police policemans suffered unspecified boy injuries on may 30 Huntsville, AL – one officer endured a boy injury come his head through a thrown object on June 3Jacksonville, FL – a police officer’s neck was slashed by a rioter; problem unknownLas Vegas, NV – ras Vegas Police officer Shay Mikalonis was shot in the head during a protest ~ above June 1; at this time on life support in critical condition. Twelve other policemans injured on might 29; conditions unknownLos Angeles, CA – 27 Los Angeles police officers injured in multiple incidents, one suffering a fractured skullNew York City, NY – at the very least 33 officers injured in multiple incidents; problems unknown. One officer struck by a vehicle in intentional hit-and-run; hospitalized in secure condition. One officer stabbed in the neck and also two rather shot in ambush; conditions unknownOakdale, CA – two police officers suffered unspecified young injuries breaking up a fight between protesters and also counterprotestersOak Lawn, IL – three police officers suffered unspecified young injuries on June 1Oakland, CA – End the Watch may 29 – Federal regulation enforcement officer David Patrick Underwood to be shot and also killed in a drive-by ambush outside the Ronald V. Dellums Federal building where he and also another officer were providing security. The various other officer was additionally wounded and also is in an essential condition.Philadelphia, PA – at the very least 13 policemans suffered unspecified boy injuries in multiple incidentsPittsburgh, PA – nine police officers suffered unspecified young injuries indigenous thrown objects on June 1; treated and releasedPrince wilhelm County, VA – 4 county policemans hit through rocks and also other objects in the overnight period of may 30-31; one hospitalized. Virginia State Police reported 10 troopers injured.Providence, RI – eight come ten policemans were fight by bricks top top June 2; just minor injuries reportedRichmond, VA – 2 Capitol police policemans hit through baseball bat and also beer party on might 30; recovering. Two police officers struck throughout exchange of gunfire v rioterSacramento, CA – seven officers sustained young injuries when hit through objects on might 29Salt Lake City, UT – 21 officers injured on might 30, including one struggle in the head v a baseball bat; all treated and releasedSan Antonio, TX – three policemans hit through thrown bricks and also bottles; conditions unknownSan Jose, CA – multiple police officers struck by rocks and bottles on may 29; one officer hospitalized v non-life-threatening injuriesSanta Ana, CA – two officers hit in the head by paris objects, maybe fireworks, ~ above May31; both hospitalizedSt. Louis, MO – End of watch June 2 – retired police Captain David Dorn was killed by a gunshot fired by a looter, together he to be checking top top a keep owned by a friend. 4 other officers were shoot on the very same day once an unknown shooter took arbitrarily shots at a police line; wounds were not considered life-threatening.Washington, D.C. – about 50 agents and 11 police police officers injured by bricks, bottles and Molotov cocktails on might 31. Many injuries minor, yet one police officer will call for surgery for broken leg.Wichita, KS – three policemans hit by rocks, bottles and also cinder blocks; treated and also released


Note: this list does not include officers that were struck without injury, consisting of officers that were protected from harm by ballistic armor.

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Alabama officer’s death under investigation

The deaths that Moody, AL Police Sergeant Stephen Williams, who was shooting while responding to a call at a Moody area motel, and also Alexander, AR officer Scott Hutton, that was discovered shot within a home in the community, space under investigation but have no yet been linked to any kind of protest.

Deaths of protesters, rioters and bystanders

Civilian casualties the riots likewise continue to rise. An ext than 30 deaths suspected to be linked to protests and riots include:

Former Indiana college football star kris Beaty, 38, and a however unknown 18-year-old to be shot to fatality in separate occurrences near a protest event in Indianapolis, IN; police have not stated if the deaths to be directly linked to the protest.Jorge Gomez, 25, to be shot to fatality by police in ras Vegas, after the approached a group of officers and pointed a firearm at them.Calvin Horton, 43, to be shot to fatality outside a Minneapolis, MN pawn shop by the organization owner. The save was looted, yet it is not recognized if Horton to be involved.Italia Kelly, 22, to be shot to death in her car while leaving a demonstration in Davenport, IA. The shooter is unknown. David McAtee, 53, shot to fatality in Louisville, KY in an exchange the gunfire in between rioters and also law enforcement officers and also National guard troops. The identity and affiliation the the shooter remains unknown, despite the shot is suspected to have come native police or soldiers.Sean Monterrosa, 22, was shot and killed by a police officer in Vallejo, CA. He showed up to have actually been associated in looting, but witnesses reported the he was on his knee surrendering once the officer mistook a hammer tucked in his belt for a gun.Barry Perkins, 29, to be dragged and also run over by a FedEx van in St. Louis, MO when the team he was v surrounded the truck and also began remove packages. Police reports indicated that at the very least two guns were pointed in ~ the driver by rioters before he journey away, dragging Perkins.James Scurlock, 22, shoot to death in Omaha, NE through a bar owner he struck outside the bar throughout a riot. Based on video evidence, the shooting to be ruled self-defense.A yet unnamed man connected by video clip evidence come a team of looters was discovered shot to fatality in Davenport, IA in ~ the site of the ambush of 3 police officers that sent one come the hospital.

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A gun was discovered under his body.An unnamed 24-year-old man died attempting to open up an ATM maker with explosives in Philadelphia.A yet unnamed man was shot to death while sitting in his automobile at a protest event in Detroit.Two unnamed world were killed during protests in Cicero, IL; the circumstances are unknown.Authorities report 17 human being killed throughout protests in Chicago end the weekend of might 30-31. No details have actually been released.