Update Feb. 17: We have updated this short article from June 2015 with the announcement that President Obama would not it is in attending the funeral of righteousness Antonin Scalia. He will certainly visit the supreme Court ~ above Friday to salary his respects come Scalia.

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In June, president Obama and also Vice chairman Biden both attend the funeral organization of south Carolina state Sen. Clementa Pinckney in Charleston. It to be the 2nd time that month the the two guys attended a funeral in the wake up of a tragedy; the an initial was the business for Biden"s child Beau.

How and when the chairman attends a funeral comes under to a variety of factors: The person"s prestige to the country, the president"s schedule and also the meaning of the event itself. Obama has commonly been criticized because that the funerals he has actually missed, most notably consisting of that of former British element minister Margaret Thatcher.

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Using reports from the White house calendar and contemporaneous news stories, we put together this partial perform of that the administration sent to various memorial services. They"re arranged in turning back chronological order.

DeceasedFuneral dateObamaBidenRepresentativeNone
Antonin ScaliaFeb. 20, 2016
Kim Young-sam, chairman of south KoreaNov. 26, 2015
Louis Stokes, member that the HouseAug. 25, 2015
Clementa Pinckney, state senatorJun. 26, 2015
Beau BidenJun. 6, 2015
Freddie Gray, died in police custodyApr. 27, 2015
Lee Kuan Yew, element minister that SingaporeMar. 25, 2015
Richard von Weizsäcker, president of GermanyFeb. 11, 2015
Rafael Ramos, NYC police officerDec. 27, 2014
Michael Chilufya Sata, chairman of ZambiaNov. 10, 2014
Michael Brown, shot by policeAug. 24, 2014
Eduard Shevardnadze, president of GeorgiaJul. 11, 2014
Maya Angelou, poet and authorJun. 7, 2014
Maj. Gen. Harold GreeneApr. 14, 2014
Adolfo Suarez Gonzalez, president of SpainMar. 31, 2014
Ariel Sharon, element minister the IsraelJan. 13, 2014
Nelson MandelaDec. 10, 2013
Tom Foley, former SpeakerOct. 29, 2013
Margaret ThatcherApr. 17, 2013
Chris Kyle, sniperFeb. 11, 2013
Daniel Inouye, senatorDec. 21, 2012
John Evans Atta Mills, president of GhanaAug. 10, 2012
Sargent Shriver, an initial director the the tranquility CorpsJan. 22, 2011
Robert Byrd, senatorJul. 2, 2010
Dorothy Height, civil legal rights iconApr. 29, 2010
Walter Cronkite, broadcasterSep. 9, 2009
Ted Kennedy, senatorAug. 29, 2009