LeBron James join the 35,000-point club throughout the first half that Thursday's game versus the Nets. He i do not care the 3rd player in NBA background to achieve that feat, authorized Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and also Karl Malone. In ~ 36 years and also 50 days, James is the youngest that the three to reach the milestone. Abdul-Jabbar was 38 once he score his 35,000th point, if Malone was 39.

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James's milestone comes 19 years to the job after he was very first featured top top the sheathe of Sports Illustrated, headlined "The chosen One." The story profiled James, climate a high institution junior, throughout his climb as among the biggest stars in prep basketball history.

Abdul-Jabbar is the NBA's all-time top scorer, finishing his career with 38,387 points. Malone ranks 2nd with 36,928. James is already the league's job leader in playoff scoring, v 7,491 points. Michael Jordan is 2nd at 5,987.

Earlier top top Thursday, James was called to his 17th job All-Star game. He has actually won All-Star game MVP honors three times.


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