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When the Lakers take to the court top top Wednesday to challenge the Warriors, they"ll be tasked with slowing under a player on an all-time great run. 

Since return from a tailbone injury in so late March, Stephen Curry has actually averaged 36.9 points per game, help move golden State from 10th to eighth in the west Conference standings and leading that to claim the league"s scoring title at 32 points per game. 

But simply how an excellent has that been because coming back March 29? Well, let"s simply say the only players who have finished the season hotter 보다 Curry room in the room of Fame. 

Curry has scored at the very least 30 clues in all but two games throughout his final 24 games due to the fact that he returned. He has actually scored 885 points to average 36.9 per game in that span to wrap increase the 2020-21 season. Just eight 24-game spans to finish a year were better, with six players responsible because that those marks, follow to Basketball Reference. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly, while few have ever scored as many points in a stretch together Curry, his big is not the best in warrior history. That difference belongs to it must be Chamberlain. 

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Chamberlain four times scored an ext than 900 clues in his last 24 games and has the most points ever scored under a stretch operation when, in 1962, that dropped 1,228 points ~ above opponents. That duration included his historical 100-point game against the Knicks on march 2. The following season, he came to be the second player come score more than 1,000 down in his critical 24 regular-season contests at 1,018. No one has done that since. 

Since the 3-pointer was counted, however, only two players have exceeded Curry"s stretch: Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. 

Jordan score 899 clues in 1988. Bryant, the just player among the height point-scorers ahead of Curry in the 21st century, scored 901 in 2007. 

When it concerns 3-point shooting, however, Curry was standing alone. 

During this stretch, Curry has actually drained 155 3s, the most by any player in the last 24 games the a season. Damian Lillard score 127 in his critical 24 games of 2020. 

Just 10 periods have ended with a player scoring at the very least 100 3-pointers. Curry is responsible for six of them. Bogdan Bogdanovic, Duncan Robinson and also James Harden have the right to be uncovered at fifth, sixth and eighth, v Curry filling in the remainder of the top 10. 

He hasn"t been fairly as accurate as in the past. His 43.7 percent shoot is 24th-best all time among those with at least 70 makes. His younger brother, Seth Curry, hold the greatest success price at 53.7 percent to finish the 2020 season. Stephen Curry is the only player to attempt an ext than 300 3-pointers in his final 24 games; he"s tried 355 indigenous deep. 

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Damian LillardTrail Blazers2020127
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Bogdan BogdanovićHawks2021106
Duncan RobinsonHeat2020105
Stephen CurryWarriors2015105
James HardenRockets2019104
Stephen CurryWarriors2017104
Stephen CurryWarriors2018101

It"s to be a special end to the continuous season for Curry. Now the question becomes just how long have the right to he store it going. 

Seventeen players have finished the season averaging at the very least 35 points in their last 24 games. Just two ended the postseason with rings: Chamberlain through the warrior in 1964 and also Rick Barry with the Warriors in 1967. 

Can Curry do it a trio of Warriors? His search for his 4th ring begins on Wednesday against the Lakers. 

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