The reduced line for the 2021 Masters had actually been locked in in ~ +3 adhering to Friday's round 2. There are several huge names that will not be around for the weekend.



The reduced line because that the 2021 master was set at +3 with 54 golfers do it come the weekend.

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Oddmakers had collection the pre-tournament cut line in ~ +3.5, which intended winning wagers because that Under bettors.

There were plenty of high-profile golfers that finished in ~ +4 or higher, lacking the weekend in ~ Augusta National. Some notable players outside the cut line include:

Matt Kuchar (+4)Sergio Garcia (+4)Daniel Berger (+4)Lee Westwood (+5)Dustin Johnson (+5)Brooks Koepka (+5)Rory McIlroy (+6)Patrick Cantlay (+8)Jason day (+9)Sungjae ns (+13)

Making the reduced at the masters is always a big deal, yet Spain"s Jose Maria Olazabal stole the show as the feel good story complying with Round 2. The 55-year-old Olazabal do the reduced at +2, his very first cut made at Augusta since 2014.

The height 50 players and ties make the reduced after ring 2 in ~ the 2021 Masters.

Betting ~ above the reduced line

The Masters cut line is key to golf bettors together it identify the outcomes of some head-to-head matchups, even if it is an bald they bet on renders it come the weekend, and of course, settles the popular reduced line prop bet.

The pre-event cut line set by oddsmakers because that the2021 Masterswas 147.5 — which would certainly be same to +3.5 in relationship to par.

Masters cut rule

The reduced rule in ~ the Masters for 2021 is the top 50 golfers to add ties. This follows the rule change that developed last year.

In 2020, the committee make a change to your longstanding cut rule where only the peak 50 players in the masters field and ties progressed to round 3 and 4. Previously, the rule declared that the top 50 along with anyone within 10 strokes the the command made the cut.

Making transforms to the cut line has been a component of the background of the Masters. The reduced was first instituted in 1957 and was the height 40 and also ties till 1961. Indigenous 1962-2012, it was broadened to the peak 44 and those in ~ 10 strokes of the leader. In 2013, that was broadened to height 44 and also those in ~ 10 shots.

Past Masters reduced lines

Here"s a look at what the cut line has actually been due to the fact that the rule became the top 50 and those in ~ 10 shots of the lead.

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*The cut line in 2020 was just Top 50 and also did not encompass those within 10 shots the the lead

Masters cut line FAQs

Does the Masters have actually a reduced line?

Yes. The master instituted a reduced line in 1957 and also has had one ever since.

What to be the reduced line because that the Masters?

In 2020, the top 50 and also ties after ring 2 make the cut.