Planned Parenthood was started over 100 years ago on the revolutionary idea that women have actually the ideal to access the information and care they should live strong, healthy lives. Today, the planned Parenthood activity Fund (PPAF) fights to safeguard that ideal — often in the challenge of too much politicians make the efforts to take it it away.

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Our Story


In 1978, Faye Wattleton ended up being the first female president of plan Parenthood Federation that America since Margaret Sanger — and the first president the color. Throughout her tenure, U.S. President Ronald Reagan passed policies opposing reproductive rights, including the devastating worldwide Gag Rule. Meanwhile, violent attacks versus health centers escalated: to plan Parenthood facilities and also health centers approximately the country came to be targets of arson, bombs, and also other acts of violence.

By the late 1980s, it to be clear to Wattleton that Planned Parenthood need to become much more political to keep its doors open and to keep abortion civil liberties writ large. Wattleton released PPAF in 1989 as Planned Parenthood Federation the America’s advocacy arm. Due to the fact that then, PPAF has actually led the Federation with the country’s toughest politics battles end reproductive rights.

Who us Are

Planned Parenthood activity Fund is a nonprofit, non-partisan group. PPAF is backed by more than 7 million activists, donors, and also other supporters working come advance accessibility to sexual health and wellness care and also defend reproductive rights. While PPAF functions at the national level, regional Planned Parenthood advocacy and also political institutions are fighting to safeguard reproductive rights in states across the country.

There is lot to safeguard — but we’re up for the task. From the time Margaret Sanger opened the country’s an initial birth regulate clinic (only to be arrested), plan Parenthood’s staff and supporters have actually been pioneers in reproductive rights and self-determination.

Today, we see the fruit of both your labor and their resolve: to plan Parenthood is the nation’s largest provider of sex education.


An estimated one in 5 American females visits a planned Parenthood health center in she lifetime.

And plan Parenthood’s much more than 600 health and wellness centers nationwide provide high-quality, donate health treatment to 2.4 million people each year.



What us Do

We in ~ PPAF fight ago when anti-abortion politicians and their extremist allies shot to outlaw abortion, take away access to affordable bear control, and block patients from treatment at to plan Parenthood health centers. We fight together our partners once the straightforward human rights of our patients, volunteers, supporters, activists, and also staff of all races, faiths, genders, and identities are under attack.

To breakthrough reproductive rights, we:

Educate and organize the public

Register, inform, and also mobilize voters

Promote policies that assist people access health care

Work v reproductive wellness champions in federal, state, and local legislatures

During elections, promote politics candidates who advocate because that Americans’ reproductive rights

Stand in solidarity through social justice partners to fight back against hate and discrimination

Fighting for Planned Parenthood Patients

Many of planned Parenthood’s patient are human being who have actually historically faced obstacles to quality wellness care. Often, those patients are human being of color, civilization who live in rural areas, LGBTQ people, people with low incomes, and also people without wellness insurance. Without Planned Parenthood health centers, plenty of of this patients may have actually no other place to revolve to access safe and also legal abortion — or preventive treatment like bear control, annual exams, and lifesaving cancer and also STD screenings.

Planned Parenthood patients space the catalyst for the work-related that us at PPAF do to advocate for:


Join the Fight

There is uncertainty ahead the us. The country; planned Parenthood wellness centers; the people of all races, genders, faiths, and also backgrounds who consist of Planned Parenthood’s community; and reproductive rights as a entirety all challenge renewed attacks.

But one point is certain: We will never earlier down.

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us will never ever stop fighting to protect the access to care at planned Parenthood wellness centers the so numerous people throughout this country depend on. We will fight to make sure that civilization in this nation can access reproductive health care no matter their zip code, income, sexual orientation, race, religion, gender, nation of origin, or immigrant status. We will certainly not give up, and we will not it is in silenced. Please join us in this fight.

The plan Parenthood action Fund Political activity Committee — the planned Parenthood commonwealth PAC, for short — is ours non-partisan political activity committee. It’s cursed to supporting candidates for commonwealth office, Congress, and also the White home who space steadfast in their assistance for women’s health, health treatment access, and reproductive rights.