The Line: Abortions space 94 percent of planned Parenthood’s pregnant services.

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The Party: Republican

Congressional republicans seeking to remove federal resources for plan Parenthood have made version of the claim that abortions consist of 94 percent of the organization’s “pregnancy services.” One house member went also further, speak “94 percent that their business is abortion services.”

But the misleading figure only counts specific direct services listed by plan Parenthood come its pregnant clients: abortions, prenatal services and fostering referrals. It also discounts the millions of wellness services detailed to ladies who are not pregnant, consisting of those seeking to stop unwanted pregnancies.

On July 21, in a speech on the residence floor, Rep. Bill Johnson of Ohio said that “in 2013, abortions made up 94 percent of plan Parenthood’s so-called pregnant services.” the was ~ the release of undercover videos mirroring Planned Parenthood officials talking around procedures because that collecting aborted fetal tissue for research.

Then, in a Senate floor decided on Aug. 3, Sen. Orrin hatch of Utah, that cosponsored a failed invoice to defund plan Parenthood, likewise said the “abortion accounts because that 94 percent of plan Parenthood’s pregnancy services.”

The truth is, no one have the right to say for certain what the portion is.

The 94 percent number doesn’t come native Planned Parenthood, which claims it doesn’t monitor the total variety of pregnant women it serves, or every one of the services noted to them. “Pregnancy services” isn’t even detailed as a classification in that 2013-2014 yearly report.

The number comes from including together the numbers Planned Parenthood did provide for the abortion measures (327,653), prenatal services (18,684) and fostering referrals (1,880), and also then separating the variety of abortions by that cumulative figure (348,217). The 94 percent number is likewise used by teams that protest abortion, such as Americans unified for Life, which claimed in January: “According to its many recent yearly report, abortions were 94% the its pregnancy-related services (abortion, adoption referral, and also prenatal services).”

But that all at once figure leaves out other services provided to pregnant women.

For example, the annual report says that 65,464 additional “family practice services” were listed to men and women, some of whom may have been expecting. Almost 1.2 million pregnant tests were provided to women, few of whom may have been pregnant in ~ the time. And also 17,817 men and also women received “other procedures,” including services because that low-income pregnant women with the Women, Infants, and Children commonwealth program.

Also, a plan Parenthood spokesman told us that part clinics don’t administer prenatal care, for this reason pregnant women room referred elsewhere for the service. However those referrals aren’t included in that is report.

That’s why Rep. Bill Patmon’s reported case that “94 percent the the people” going come Planned Parenthood “who space pregnant end up having actually abortions” is additionally problematic.

Besides, we can’t understand the percent of pregnant plan Parenthood clients who had actually abortions if we don’t recognize how numerous clients to be pregnant.

“Planned Parenthood wellness centers perform not translate into the pregnancy condition of all your female patients,” plan Parenthood Federation of America spokesman Eric Ferrero said. “Nor perform they tally the number of pregnant ladies they describe obstetricians and other health care providers. Part Planned Parenthood health and wellness centers administer prenatal services, while others refer ladies to various other providers for this care.”

Rep. Marsha Blackburn the Tennessee has gone also further at times. In live interviews top top the subject of federal resources for plan Parenthood, she has said the “over 90 percent” and also “94 percent of their organization is abortion services.”

That’s wrong — though a spokesman because that Blackburn told united state she was referring to the fault 94 percent of “pregnancy services” statistic that others have mentioned.

Abortions accounted for 3 percent of the almost 10.6 million total services listed by planned Parenthood clinics in 2013, follow to its yearly report.

Some solutions it noted in addition to abortions were:

4.5 million tests and treatment because that sexually sent infections3.6 million contraception connected services935,573 cancer screenings consisting of breast exams and Pap tests1.1 million pregnant tests and also prenatal services

However, critics of the 3 percent number note the an abortion isn’t equivalent to various other individual services, such as providing out condoms or giving pregnancy tests.

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On the various other hand, if the variety of abortions carry out is divided by the total number of people offered (2.7 million), that would certainly mean around 12 percent that clients got an abortion. However that’s additionally assuming no human received much more than one abortion.

— D’Angelo Gore

Republicans making claims around Planned Parenthood’s pregnant services:

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, Aug. 30: Planned Parenthood doesn’t require the money … 94 percent of their business … is abortion services. (Source: CNN “State of the Union” transcript.)

Rep. Tom Cole, Aug. 10: As component of plan Parenthood’s pregnant services readily available in 2013, abortions accounted for a disturbing 94 percent v very few adoption or prenatal care referrals. (Source: Weekly column.)

Sen. Orrin Hatch, Aug. 3: Abortion accounts for 94 percent of planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services. (Source: Remarks ~ above the Senate floor.)

Rep. Bill Patmon, Aug. 7: because that instance, 94 percent that the human being who go in who space pregnant finish up having actually abortions. (Source: OneNewsNow.com.)

Rep. Marsha Blackburn, July 30: we hear the is end 90 percent of your business. (Source: Fox organization “Varney & Co.” video.)

Rep. Invoice Johnson, July 21: In 2013, abortions comprised 94 percent of plan Parenthood’s so-called pregnancy services — 94 percent. (Source: Remarks top top the home floor.)