There to be no passenger jet crashes all over in the world, different reports by dutch consultancy To70 and The Aviation safety Network found.

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But To70 warned that despite high safety and security levels top top passenger planes, the "extraordinarily" low accident rate have to be seen as "good fortune".

A report through the Airline safety Network stated there were a total of ten deadly accidents, bring about 79 deaths critical year. That compared with 16 crashes and 303 lives lost in 2016.

The organization based its figures on occurrences involving civil aircraft certified to lug at least 14 people.

The most serious accident the 2017 come in January when a Turkish cargo aircraft crashed into a town in Kyrgyzstan death all 4 crew and also 35 world on the ground.

And the event with the many on-board fatalities happened on brand-new Years Eve, as soon as a Nature wait single-propeller Cessna 208 Caravan airplane crashed in west Costa Rica, killing 12 passengers and crew.

Neither report counted armed forces or helicopter accidents, meaning the year's worst air disaster, the crash the a Burmese Y-8 army transporter plane, i m sorry crashed in June killing every 122 human being on board did not appear in the statistics.

Aviation deaths have actually been stability falling for the last two decades. In 2005, there were an ext than 1,000 deaths on-board commercial passenger flights worldwide, the Aviation safety and security Network said.

The critical fatal passenger jet airliner accident took ar in November 2016 in Colombia, and the last commercial passenger plane crash come kill much more than 100 people developed in Egypt a year earlier.

"Since 1997 the average variety of airliner mishaps has shown a steady and persistent decline, for a good deal thanks to the continuing safety-driven initiatives by worldwide aviation organisations such as ICAO, IATA, trip Safety structure and the aviation industry," ASN president Harro Ranter said.

Dutch consultancy To70, approximated there was now one deadly accident because that every 16 million flights, though its report to be compiled before the Costa Rica crash.

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"2017 was the most safe year for aviation ever," the firm's Adrian Young said, but added civil aviation still brought "very huge risks".

He pointed to brand-new technology consisting of fears that lithium-ion batteries recording fire on-board, and also "mental health issues and also fatigue," among the main risk components for the industry.

And the highlighted that there were "several fairly serious non-fatal accidents" including the "spectacular" fail of one engine on an air France A380.